JazzTeam has accumulated serious industry expertise working with large companies and startups from Europe and US. We have extensive experience in developing solutions for telecommunication and financial industries, creating systems for e-commerce and marketing, successfully implementing projects for public sector companies, and developing applications for travel and telecom. Over the years we have implemented more than 100 large-scale long-term projects.

Case Studies per Industries

Telecom Industry

Telecom Industry

We have extensive experience in this field with more than 10 years working with telecom companies located around the world.

Under the management of our general contractors, we have been creating various solutions for well-known mobile operators (O2, MegaFon, Telfort). Among others, we developed the backend part of the automated business process management system for telecom operators, the main purpose of which is registration and processing of incoming customer requests. During the work on the tariff plan and resource management system project, we provided consulting services, created new functionality and performed comprehensive testing. Besides, we developed the frontend part and performed comprehensive testing of the logic resource system intended for the inventory and management of mobile subscribers’ phone numbers. Also, among the projects we have implemented for mobile operators is the comprehensive development and testing of the multifunctional system of accounting analysis and decision making on the financial condition of customers and subscribers.

Our company has strong expertise in the development of CRM systems for telecom companies. We have experience in customization of UI and server part of the CRM for a large telecom company, integration of this CRM with the customer’s other systems through SOAP web services.

We have many times created individual components for the most complex systems in the field of telecommunications. Our specialists developed and implemented a component for the migration of telecom-oriented customer payment information from one system to another with a data structure comprehensive transformation. For a Dutch company we have created a new version of the financial analytics module of the telecom services expense accounting and monitoring system, performed telecom data migration taking into account the customer’s obligations under GDPR, and redesigned the portal. As part of our cooperation with another customer, our team developed a corporate mobile application for traffic accounting and communication expense management.

In addition to development in this area, we also performed complex test automation of sophisticated software for telecommunication data processing.

Our development culture and continuous application of best practices allow us to efficiently solve various tasks for creating and testing telecommunication solutions. Due to the systematic code coverage by Unit-tests adopted in JazzTeam as a standard of engineers’ daily work, we organize a steady regression of bugs. We are committed to the Data Driven Testing approach, which allows to effectively stabilize the performance of dynamic applications with large amounts of data without the need for big expenses.

Telecom Industry Cases

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Our company has many years of experience in creating integration solutions for e-commerce. JazzTeam specialists participated in the development of various e-commerce products, as well as integrated them with the global trading systems (Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and others). We successfully implement integration server-side and know how to make its work stable. In the development process, we always place great emphasis on test automation, including the professional use of crawling. One of our successful projects in this area is the integration of a web application for buying and selling real estate with the server part. Our team was also involved in creating a solution for importing and synchronizing data from the customer’s JDE ERP system to the new e-commerce platform Magento.

Usually e-commerce is directly associated with big data. Our specialists have the necessary competencies in this area of expertise: they constantly work with non-relational databases, effectively convert different data formats.

One of JazzTeam’s strengths is creating integration solutions with Mule. This allows performing various kinds of integrations without much expense. Our team performed the integration of the Distribution Management System with regional distributors ERP systems.

We also modify and develop e-commerce systems. Our specialists have been created a separate component for the E-commerce system, which linked it with other parts of the system, regardless of which ERP system is used by a distributor. In one of the projects our team was responsible for the development of new high-loaded system components, legacy code refactoring and Unit testing of the automated competitors price monitoring system.

Another significant competence of our company is the comprehensive development of e-commerce products. For a major European customer we provided consulting services, automated testing, and CI/CD implementation on the product, which is a software platform for order and inventory management for distributors, wholesalers, and e-commerce. While working on this project, we applied extensive refactoring experience, which allowed us to significantly improve the system and stabilize its operation through Unit testing. For one of the European leading suppliers of resistors and capacitors, our company developed an electronic product inventory with its further automatic synchronization with the customer’s ERP system and website.

In addition, we have experience in transferring integration applications from the on-premise environment to the CloudHub cloud platform.

IT Industry

IT Industry

We have been working in the IT industry for more than 10 years, not only providing services for the development of various systems, but also creating our own products for commercial and internal purposes. Our company always invests in CI/CD and test automation, because we are sure of the efficiency of these approaches and are ready to prove it in practice. We clearly understand the goals and needs of IT-businesses, quickly find a common language with founders, and effectively transfer the accumulated experience to the client’s team.

JazzTeam has significant experience in creating and improving business process automation and optimization systems. For a large European company, a supplier of IT solutions for the telecom industry, our team created a project resources and costs monitoring system. In this project, we developed an application from scratch, including the analysis of customer requirements, created the system user interface and successfully implemented our own product Xml2Selenium for automated testing.

Working with one of our customers, a product IT company, we have developed and improved a projects implementation cost estimation and management system. Our team implemented multiuser mode in this application and performed comprehensive architecture re-engineering. As a result of the work performed, the customer was able to migrate the system from desktop to web infrastructure.

We also have competencies in the comprehensive development of complex products. JazzTeam provided consulting, project management, and comprehensive testing services for a science startup developing its own science-intensive IT product for commercial purposes.

We professionally implement test automation. As part of this service, our team collaborated with various companies from the IT industry. For example, we have created autotests and autotested a web application for car service requests preparation.

Marketing, Advertising, Sales

Marketing, Advertising, Sales

We have competence in the development of innovative marketing tools. With considerable experience in improving and refactoring complex systems, our company professionally develops and improves marketing products. Among other things, we developed new components of a competitors price monitoring system, which automatically optimizes commodity prices in real time according to certain rules. In addition, our team participated in the creation of a service for organizing targeted ads display.

We also have experience in the comprehensive development of a modular platform for attracting users to events based on behavioral targeting. Our company created this product from scratch: from participation in requirements formalizing to implementation.

Among the high-tech products created by our employees there is a marketing platform for data collection and loading, storage and interpretation of its analysis results using Amazon cloud services and Apache Mahout machine learning library.

Process automation performs important functions in advertising. For example, automated data monitoring, collection and analysis allows for effective and prompt market research. This approach is also typical for our company: JazzTeam uses high automation standards. Development process optimization and acceleration is our strength. In addition, we professionally create extensible modular solutions. Systems created using server programming based on the modular architecture are especially relevant for the retail sphere.

Travel & Tourism

Travel and Tourism

Development of IT solutions for the travel industry was one of the first areas of JazzTeam’s experience. We have the necessary expertise to create and develop solutions in this domain. Among other things, we know how to stabilize the work of an application with large amounts of data using the Data Driven Testing approach. Backed by extensive experience in Java technology, we perfectly handle server programming tasks. And finally, we just love traveling and are always happy to contribute to the industry development.

Our completed projects include the creation of the web-interface of a platform for the interaction with the systems of leading airline market operators. We also have experience in comprehensive automated testing of a product managing the hotels reservation system.

Our company was involved in the comprehensive development of a Social Media platform for automating hotel reputation management in social networks and other resources. The project team proposed and implemented a large number of architectural enhancements for implementing the crawler system, for example, support of data acquisition in different language versions of websites.

IoT, Geofencing

IoT, Geofencing

Our company gained interesting experience in developing various IoT solutions. One of the projects we implemented is the development of a component of a cloud platform for energy metering and energy meters management.

We have also developed visual interfaces for a scalable platform for integrating existing vertical solutions and processing information over various IoT device protocols.

Our engineers are competent in developing geofencing technology solutions. JazzTeam specialists implemented test automation for the web application related to geofence marketing — a service that provides automatic detection and execution of planned actions, if the client’s mobile device is in a pre-defined area.

Also, our team implemented the web interface of a system for geographical location tracking of objects on Google Maps.

Media & Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Our team has experience in mobile development for the entertainment and communications industry. JazzTeam specialists participated in the creation of the back-end of an online ticket sale system for cinemas available through the website and clients for various mobile platforms.

Also, among the projects we have implemented is the development of a social network for creative people. During this project, our team created and successfully implemented a prototype of search web services, performed significant customization of the existing search filters.

We have experience in creating solutions for the gaming industry. Our completed projects include the development of an extensible game logic system for automating complex character interaction calculations for a fantasy role-playing game. Also, our team created a gaming computer club management system.



We have extensive experience in the development of modern finance systems. JazzTeam specialists participated in the creation of a system for Bitcoin rate forecasting by predictive analytics methods using machine learning. Our experience also includes the development of a decentralized platform for managing and storing organizations’ decisions using blockchain technology.

Our company has competencies in the field of financial transactions security. JazzTeam specialists developed a project on the Outsystems platform for financial audit, allowing to organize monitoring and reporting on suspicious financial transactions.

We have gained excellent experience in developing software related to billing and finance. Our company was involved in the creation of new functionality for a billing system for automated accounting of services rendered, tariffing and invoicing oriented to the UK market. We also performed automated testing of the mobile operator’s products and services management system.

In addition, in this domain we have implemented a company internal project — a system for generating and mailing payroll statements to employees.

Government Sector

Government Sector

Our team developed various solutions for process automation and improvement in the public sector. Among other things, we took part in the creation of a state procurement monitoring and management system for the tender contractual department. Also, we tested a unified interregional electronic system recording movable property. Besides, our company has developed an application providing access to personal files of employees and students for one of the US institutes.

For the implementation of the state program of one of the Baltic countries we developed a Java applet for electronic signing of documents stored on a remote server.

We have interesting experience in software development for environmental activities — we created a range of business processes and document flow automation applications interacting with each other according to SOA principles.

Supply Chain, Inventory & Order Management

Supply Chain, Inventory

For a large consulting company we developed an enterprise resource management system (work planning, management, monitoring and analysis). Also among the projects we have implemented is an electronic product inventory with its further automatic synchronization with the customer’s ERP system and website.

Health Care. Fitness & Recreation

Health Care. Fitness

In this domain our company has extensive experience in developing various applications. JazzTeam specialists created the front-end of an application to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent the negative effects of improper lifestyle.

We also worked on the development of a web application for maintaining regulatory and reference documentation of a clinical diagnostic laboratory, creation of a medication search service for one of the leaders of regional pharmacological import.

Another project we implemented in this area is the comprehensive development of an application for testing and treatment of patients with mental illnesses based on training and test scenarios.