Development of a web application for a digital signature

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A company from the Baltic region specializing in electronic document management.


An application for online document signing.

Business challenge

Initially, JazzTeam was involved in maintaining a system for electronic document management based on Java applets. The customer decided that it was necessary to evolve the software functionality. In addition to the digital signature, it was necessary to implement encryption, partitioning, and transfer of files from the client side. Therefore, our company proposed applying a new approach to create a new web-based application.

Work on this task included the following challenges:

  • Working with minimal changes on the server side.
  • Providing for the need to support backward compatibility with the old and new solutions.
  • Saving the user experience of the previous solution.
  • Building a stable system of support for the old and new solutions.
  • Implementing the new solution for some customers.

Technological features of the project

  • The use of HTML5 technology that was actively being developed at that time, the possibilities and features of which needed to be studied.
  • The web application was intended to be used in many different browsers, including mobile ones.
  • The customer contacted us to solve this problem because JazzTeam has extensive experience in embedding digital signature systems in browser web applications. We are skilled at using different approaches, and in this case we embarked on mastering another one with enthusiasm.
Development of a web application for a digital signature
Block diagram: Development of a web application for a digital signature

Approaches and solutions

  • Conducting research to solve the main project challenge. The results of the research were presented in the form of summary tables, which made it possible to control the applicability of various approaches to encryption, the implementation of digital signature, and file partitioning on a wide browser matrix, including the main mobile browsers.
  • Development of the application based on HTML5 standards. This solution became an excellent alternative to the more outdated option of using Java applets.
  • Implementation of encryption, signature, and content partitioning on the client side in the browser. This reduced the load on the back-end.
  • Maintaining the application in all required browsers. Our team сarefully and attentively maintained a full set of test cases needed for testing, taking into account all required conditions and options. This was necessary to make the customer sure that the application can work in different browsers and on different platforms.

Results and achievements

  • JazzTeam specialists developed the concept of a cross-browser solution for the electronic signature of documents based on HTML5 technology, which is a good alternative to the outdated approach and is now successfully applied by the customer.
  • Our team managed to insist on using relevant tools that provided a more effective solution to the problem.

Technologies used

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Web Socket
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