Integration of the distribution management system with ERP systems of regional distributors

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A large manufacturer and goods supplier.


A Distribution Management System (Distribution Management System – DMS) is a popular solution used in the retail sector.

Business challenges

In view of the increasing distribution network of a large goods supplier, it was required to integrate the internal end-to-end management system of the regional distribution markets with ERP systems of worldwide distributors. The task implementation was necessary for a more rapid and less costly way of bilateral information exchange.

A separate challenge for our team was the need to master the new technology. According to the customer’s requirement, JazzTeam engineers not only had to perfectly master the new technology, but also to confirm their knowledge by passing the “MuleSoft Certified Developer (MCD – Integration and API Associate)” certification.

Distribution management system integration scheme with ERP systems of regional distributors
Distribution management system integration scheme with ERP systems of regional distributors

Product’s technological features

  • All distributors had different ERP systems, so it was necessary to develop a unified, single solution suitable for DMS integration with each of them.
  • At the customer’s initiative, MuleESB (Enterprise Service Bus) was chosen as a platform for the integration system.

Project features

  • JazzTeam specialists actively participated in making architectural decisions, development and implementation of the application, as well as its technical support.
  • Regional distributors are located in different parts of the world (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Kingdom, etc.).
  • Large multinational distributed team with participants from 3 countries in different time zones (North America, Asia, Europe).
  • A long-lasting project.
Integration of the distribution management system with ERP systems of regional distributors
Integration of the distribution management system with ERP systems of regional distributors

Approaches and solutions

  • Application of best practices of the MuleESB technology use. JazzTeam engineers successfully mastered the MuleESB integration platform and applied the following practices during tasks implementation:
  • using the Mule Expression Language made it possible to dynamically define addresses for the HTTP component;
  • developing separate exclusion strategies for each stream;
  • converting data to different formats using DataWave Transformation;
  • working with different queue types (VM, AnypointMQ, ActiveMQ);
  • Mule Flows covering with MUnit tests and applying Jmeter during load testing;
  • deployment of the integration system in cloud on the CloudHub platform, which ensured fast and reliable integration.
  • Use of REST API architectural style, which ensures the absence of restrictions and the need for specific data transfer protocols. This made it possible to create a unified solution and perform integration with different systems with no regard to their features.
  • Working according to Scrum methodology: regular stand-ups with the customer facilitated the constant synchronization of the distributed team.
  • Proactive approach to the project:
  • During the development process, JazzTeam team was responsible for setting tasks for other developers in the distributed team involved in the project. This was reasoned by higher qualification and experience of our specialists.
  • JazzTeam engineers actively participated in making architectural decisions: they performed research, communicated with the architect, proposed solutions, expanded the capabilities of the used technologies, and customized some functions according to the project’s needs.
  • Creation of detailed documentation on the implemented project. Also, our team undertook the support and refinement of the created application.

Results and achievements

  • All development stages were passed successfully: from design to the implementation of system integration testing, user acceptance testing, and production.
  • The DMS system was successfully integrated with ERP systems of various distributors from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Ireland, etc. Further expansion of the distributors network was taken into account while designing and developing. This will allow integrating ERPs of new network participants with the vendor’s DMS with minimal costs.
  • A unified access protocol, which allows not to take into account the features of each distributor system, was developed for the E-Commerce system.
  • JazzTeam engineers mastered and successfully applied Mule technology, which was confirmed by “MuleSoft Certified Developer (MCD – Integration and API Associate)” certificates.
  • Best practices of working with Mule technology were collected, systematized, and documented. Training materials on Mule technology were created based on the work performed. The distributed team used these practices in the course of development. They are also used as training materials within our company.

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