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JazzTeam has been providing a variety of product development services for more than 10 years. We really like undertaking challenging research tasks and cope perfectly well with them. The day-to-day challenges of our work requires our specialists to be able to apply engineering thinking and gain insight into a complex topic, quickly master new tools, and deeply understand how to create a marketable product from scratch. By constantly improving in this area, we have accumulated experience in developing various solutions and also become inspired to create innovative IT products.

In parallel with the successful provision of custom software development services, our company has created 4 of its own products. We constantly devote time to their improvement, promotion, and sales, and are always searching for investors. Most of the products are now actively used in practice and prove their effectiveness every day. You will learn about the advantages and peculiar features of each of them in this article.

1. XML2Selenium. Plugin platform for autotest creation and management

One of the first commercial products developed by our company was XML2Selenium. It is a platform for creating and managing automated tests based on Java technology. The system is a framework integrated with JUnit that runs on top of Selenium/WebDriver. XML format is used as the language for autotest development, which greatly simplifies their writing.

An important advantage of XML2Selenium is the easy learning curve. With its help, even Junior automation specialists and QA engineers with no programming skills can create high-quality, easily supported, and customizable tests. This also includes applying the Data Driven Testing (DDT) approach, which increases the possibility of reusing previously created tests.

The product is based on plugins. The framework’s various features, such as advanced reporting tools, video recording, screenshots, and page snapshots (page source code) are easily customized to the specifics and needs of your project. The plugins are written in Java, and each of them is a separate Maven module. We use Sonatype Nexus to manage plugin delivery. Both Maven and Nexus are open source platforms. All this makes it possible to flexibly customize the product to your needs, create new plugins, perform integration with the necessary systems, etc.

An example of tests in XML2Selenium

Product application area problems:

Companies are often reluctant to invest in test automation, and do not want to recruit a large QA team. At the same time, product complexity inevitably increases over time, the number of test cases grows, and the architecture of autotests becomes more complex. The team spends too much time updating and supporting tests, which negatively affects product quality and project economics. Too many resources are wasted.

All these problems are easily solved by our XML2Selenium product, which ensures easy and systematic development and the support and launch of autotests with no need for team expansion.

Product advantages:

  1. Solving the whole range of issues related to test automation. The product allows the management of all stages of test automation: from creating tests to running them.
  2. Creating easy-to-read autotests that are understandable to the entire team. XML2Selenium allows the creation of automated tests in a simple format that is understandable to the entire team (including managers and product owners), so you avoid the risk of being heavily dependent on one or more QA engineers.
  3. Autotest integration into the CI/CD process. The solution is integrated with Maven and Jenkins, so the created autotests will fit perfectly into your CI/CD process or contribute to its creation on the project.
  4. Improvement of test management processes. The built-in function of structuring tests by folders, files, and tags makes it easy to create test documentation.
  5. A wide selection of features required for test automation. The product is user-friendly and provides a wide range of tools, such as video recording, screenshots and page snapshots, and support for Groovy and JS scenarios, object-oriented programming, etc.
  6. Acceleration of testing. With XML2Selenium, the performance of QA engineers increases by at least double compared to writing autotest code manually.
  7. Saving company resources. Using our product, even manual testing specialists will be able to cope with autotest development. As a result, test automation on your project will be much cheaper.
Interested in our product

Cooperation options:

At the moment, we are actively engaged in the development of a new generation of products and also interested in commercial partnerships. If you are interested in our IT solutions, we offer the following options:

  • Implementation of the product on your project. If you want to get all the benefits of XML2Selenium we will help you implement the product on your project, and if necessary, provide the support of our highly qualified test automation specialists to assist with setting test automation processes on your team.
  • Investing and various types of partnerships for joint product development. If you are interested in this product and would like to participate in its development, as well as learn more about the capabilities of the product’s new generation, we will be happy to talk with you and discuss mutually beneficial options for cooperation.

2. RPA Crawler. Tool for fast and efficient data collection on the Internet

Having faced real difficulties in the process of finding and processing large amounts of data, we created our own product for crawling that greatly simplifies the solution to this problem. Behind it is an automation technology based on the simulation of human actions (Robotic Process Automation).

The application is a search program for collecting data according to specified parameters from various internet sources. All a specialist using the crawler has to do is enter the parameters according to the data they would like to receive from the Internet (search criteria, sites to be scanned, etc.). The source data is stored in the form of Excel files in local or cloud storage. Crawling is performed using the Selenium WebDriver automation tool. After the work is completed, the crawler sends Excel files with the received data and a report on the results to the user’s email.

The crawler’s architecture allows it to easily integrate with different systems, such as CRM (we support VTiger and amoCRM). For end customers, we implement integration with any third-party products.

At the moment, the product is actively used by JazzTeam’s marketing and sales department and has already proven its high efficiency. In a short time, we managed to increase the efficiency of the department by several times.

An example of RPA Crawler reports

Product application area problems:

Solving problems related to searching for information on the Internet and processing it requires really large investments. This type of work is still often carried out manually by marketers, talent sourcers, or sales specialists. Therefore, companies actively searching for new customers or performing research must invest huge resources and a lot of time in these processes.

However, there is a more advanced and relevant solution for working with a large amount of information — the use of special crawlers. This software significantly speeds up data searches and processing, gets around website restrictions, creates and sends reports to stakeholders, and saves businesses significant resources.

Product advantages:

  1. Getting around protection mechanisms without changing the logic of the entire system. The product uses the technology of component handling of exceptions, which allows it to bypass the restrictions of sites without changing the logic of the entire system. If a new protection or verification mechanism is implemented on the site, we simply expand the existing handler or add a new one that makes it possible to bypass this restriction.
  2. Easy to use. The application starts and performs all necessary actions automatically. The user only needs to enter the correct parameters that affect the crawler’s performance.
  3. Flexible setup. Our team has developed a library of custom crawler components for various sites, which makes it possible to assemble the optimal functionality based on your interests and needs.
  4. Saving company resources. Automation of data searches and processing significantly reduces labor costs of marketers, sales managers, and other specialists.
  5. Faster data collection. The implementation of an automated platform greatly increases the amount of information collected and the speed of its processing, which helps increase team efficiency.
  6. Avoiding human factor errors. The application automates the analysis of relationships between data, and automatically generates and sends the necessary reports.

Cooperation options:

  • Product implementation into your company’s processes. The service includes crawler setup and customization for your business specifics, as well as training your employees to work with this tool.
  • Investing and various types of partnerships for joint product development. If you are interested in this product and would like to participate in its development, we would be happy to cooperate with you.

3. JazzTeam Time Reporting. ERP system for IT service business management

Time Reporting was originally created to meet JazzTeam’s needs and optimize its business processes, namely automated tracking of employees working time. The system allows the conversion of time tracking to a user-friendly web interface, as well as the automatic generation of payroll reports. In addition to time tracking, the solution provides the possibility to keep records of off-work hours (vacations, sick days, etc.).

The principle of the product operation is based on the collection and aggregation of data from internal or external task management systems. After the employee enters the hours worked, for example, in Jira, the data from it is automatically collected, converted to the required format, and uploaded to Time Reporting. Then, all necessary reports are generated on the basis of the obtained data. In turn, administrative specialists can easily make adjustments related to sick leave and vacations, which is automatically reflected in the final reports.

In addition to the listed functions, Time Reporting monitors the timeliness of entering information on the hours worked, and generates and sends information about errors made by employees when entering information in the task management system to related people by email. This makes it possible to control the timeliness and correctness of the provided information.

By using this solution in our company, we significantly reduced labor costs of the administrative department, and accelerated interaction between various departments (accounting, project management, HR, and sales).

JazzTeam Time Reporting screenshots

Product application area problems:

Service companies engaged in the provision of various services must constantly maintain complex records of the working time of their specialists. At the moment, this is extremely relevant for the field of IT development, which has a number of peculiar features, such as:

  1. Qualified engineers sometimes work on several projects at a time (4 hours as an Architect and 4 hours as a Lead Developer on different projects, for example), which makes it difficult to control time tracking, changes in the working conditions of specialists, and wage accounting.
  2. On projects, different systems are usually used for time reporting: it can be both the contractor’s internal ERP and a system on the customer’s side to which the service company does not even have access. As a result, there is a fairly complex combination of systems from which it is necessary to download data for the compilation of a final report for calculating the salary of an employee.
  3. Working hours of IT specialists are often quite flexible. In order to retain qualified developers and provide a comfortable environment for them, companies can make various preferences and concessions. However, this makes it very difficult to keep track of working hours. For example, an employee asks for a day off on a weekday, but promises to make up for this time later during the week. All this must be documented and taken into account when preparing the final report.
  4. There are a large number of non-working activities that must also be taken into account: overtime, illness, vacations, and so on.

These factors result in the fact that the process of collecting data on hours worked becomes quite complex and time consuming. An understandable and effective system can greatly simplify this monthly activity.

JT Time Reporting was developed for this purpose. The solution allows companies to significantly speed up the process of collecting and uploading information on time tracking, store and view all the necessary data in a convenient format, quickly make changes, and notify all parties of any changes.

Product advantages:

  1. Avoiding human factor errors. The product allows for the full automation of the work of the company’s administrative department in a number of areas, including the process of interacting with project managers.
  2. Saving company resources. Time Reporting helps reduce the total time and effort spent for data collection and sharing between project managers and the accounting department.
  3. Security. When developing the application, special attention was paid to data security issues. This is ensured by a very clear delineation of rights and roles in the system, as well as strict rules related to their assignment.
  4. Convenient storage of all data related to employees. A centralized repository and an electronic filing system for various types of data means you can quickly get up-to-date information about employees, their managers, and projects.

Cooperation options:

  • Implementation of the product in your company. We will help you implement the product into your company’s business processes, including setting up all the necessary integrations with internal and external systems.
  • Investing and various types of partnerships for joint product development. If you are interested in this product and would like to participate in its development and discuss ideas for its improvement, we would be happy to talk with you.

4. LifeLine. App that connects a user’s mental state and life events using artificial intelligence

LifeLine is a mobile application that allows users to save, systematize, and analyze their inner state and its connection with external events in a convenient way. The application is based on the life line concept, which is a graphical representation of a certain part of a person’s life, e.g., state of health, creative realization, success in business, relationships with relatives, etc. Life lines can be related to deep analysis and development of consciousness or simply to hobbies and interests.

With simple questions, LifeLine helps you continuously advance consciousness development. In the app, you can describe your feelings in detail at any time, save interesting ideas, important events, cause-effect relations, and sudden insights. This will allow the system to analyze and visualize your progress and the relationships between the axes.

When the time is right, the app will unobtrusively ask about your state, remind you of an important goal, and highlight recurring state patterns. An AI-based smart assistant will help you catch unobvious connections between events (including ones from different lifelines).

Interested in LifeLine? To learn more, visit the website.

LifeLine screenshots

Product application area problems:

One of the biggest problems of the modern world is the huge amount of available information that surrounds people every day. Constantly updated news feeds and content recommendation systems fill the air of our attention with unimportant facts distracting us from what’s really valuable. In this stream of infinite information noise, it is very important not to lose the most important thing — yourself, your goals, emotions, values, and achievements. After all, there is nothing more important than your life here and now.

LifeLine is a simple introspection tool that helps you focus on what is valuable to you. By building life lines, you will constantly monitor your progress and mental state, be able to achieve important goals, and retain the most valuable moments.

Product advantages:

  1. Convenient storage of a variety of information. You can add videos, audios, voice recordings, social media posts, and text information to the app.
  2. An AI-based smart assistant. The system will assess the dynamics of changes in your state and make a forecast, including a risk analysis related to progress towards the goals, the formation of personal recommendations, and the selection of a specialist for consultation.
  3. Your whole history on one screen. With LifeLine, you will always be able to restore sequences of events, and remember important moments and meetings that changed you and your life.
  4. Support from specialists and loved ones. In the app, you can get help from qualified mental health professionals, and also send your life lines to your loved ones to get their opinion on your most significant moments.

Cooperation options:

We are actively working on the development of this product and are interested in its promotion in the mobile applications market. We are pleased to offer the following types of cooperation:

  • Partnership. If you are interested in LifeLine and have ideas for partnership (for example, you work with a community of people who are engaged in self-development and would like to discuss the partner program), please contact us. Let’s discuss the options!
  • Investing. We would be happy to cooperate within the framework of business development and product introduction to new markets.

We are open for cooperation

JazzTeam is constantly working on product development. Our specialists speak to investors and communicate with partners in order to identify potential areas in which they could create a competitive and useful product.

We also feel great satisfaction and inspiration when, as a result of our diligent work on a customer’s project, a necessary, interesting, and innovative solution is born and brings real business benefits. Therefore, our company is always open to cooperation in the field of product development.

Have an interesting idea but don’t know how to implement it? Need help from qualified engineers and architects? Contact us to see how we can help you!