Implementation of continuous integration as a service accompanying test automation


A leading provider of innovative mobile solutions for the casino and gambling industry (Santa Clara, USA).


A web application designed to attract potential buyers who are at a given distance from the product.

Business challenge

JazzTeam joined the customer’s project to improve and optimize the process of automated testing. Initially, we were given the following tasks:

  • To increase the amount of tests to improve the software quality.
  • To cover the web application with automated Selenium tests.
  • To implement tools aimed at the improvement of automated test performance.

However, maximum efficiency in the provision of this service could be achieved only with the simultaneous implementation of continuous integration. JazzTeam specialists proposed to start system work to optimize the application build processes, and won the full confidence of the customer.

Project features

  • Efficient operation required constant synchronization with the customer, whose company is located in a different time zone.
  • Management of the development process is based on Scrum methodology: standups, demos, and retrospectives were regularly held on the project, during which the effectiveness of the team’s work was assessed.
  • The task of implementing test automation proved to be really challenging. It was necessary to provide a large number of combinations of test scenarios, to prepare all the necessary infrastructure, and also constantly synchronize with the customer’s team.
Headline icon PROJECT TASKS
Increasing the test coverage to improve the quality of the software
Covering the web application with automated Selenium tests
Introducing tools to improve the performance of automated tests
Implementation of continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD)
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Preparation of 7000+ Selenium tests
Continuous analysis of implemented automated testing effectiveness
  • 1
    Setting up an ecosystem to run autotests Launching the infrastructure for the automatic building and testing of the application
  • 2
    Implementation of application continuous integration (CI/CD)
  • 3
    Creation and support of documentation for further management of autotests by the customer's teamn
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Headline icon RESULTS
  • A full cycle of continuous integration was successfully implemented on the project
  • The stability of software operation significantly improved due to the use of automated testing
  • Thanks to the use of Scrum methodology, iterations on the project became stable and the team's efficiency increased
Block diagram: Implementation of continuous integration as a service accompanying test automation

Approaches and solutions

  • Preparing autotests. Our team of QA engineers prepared 7000+ Selenium tests, which allowed us to ensure full coverage of system functionality.
  • Setting up an ecosystem to run autotests. To get the most out of automated testing, we launched work on the creation of an infrastructure designed to automatically build and test the application.
  • Implementation of application continuous integration. Jenkins, Virtual Network Computing (VNC), and Linux administration of servers were used on the project. Our specialists improved and greatly developed the process of continuous integration towards containerization and simultaneous launch.
  • Continuous analysis of the effectiveness of implemented autotesting. JazzTeam specialists constantly assessed the stability of running autotests. The customer fully trusted our expertise, so further decisions related to releases heavily depended on the opinion of the QA team.
  • Creating and maintaining the documentation that allows the customer’s team to independently manage autotests in the future.

Outcomes and achievements

  • A full cycle of Continuous Integration was implemented on the project, and an infrastructure for automatic building and testing of the application was created.
  • Automated testing significantly increased software stability.
  • Project processes were formalized and established. The use of Scrum methodology helped to improve the efficiency of work in a distributed team, as well as the stability of iterations.

Technologies used

tech picture
tech picture
tech picture
tech picture
tech picture
tech picture
tech picture
tech picture
tech picture
Virtual Network Computing (VNC)
tech picture
Selenium WebDriver

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