Technical Articles

Using Couchbase: concepts, architecture, indexes

    This article is created to familiarize you with Couchbase ‒ a non-relational database, its architecture, data structure, and indexes that allow increasing the speed of executing queries to the database. Couchbase is an open-source distributed document-oriented NoSQL database designed to..

    Apache ZooKeeper

      This article describes a centralized service for configuring distributed systems − Apache ZooKeeper, the essence of its work, use cases. The topic of the CAP theorem is touched upon to get a deeper understanding of ZooKeeper essence. It also describes..

      Text editor in Draft.js

        Draft.js is a framework by Facebook designed to develop text editors in React.js. The source code of the project has already scored more than 22,000 stars on github. Specific requirements for the created editor, of course, will require writing own..

        Useful features of Lodash library

          Lodash is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to work with arrays, numbers, objects, and strings by providing a variety of useful methods. Thanks to this library, we do not have to waste time implementing the logic and algorithms,..

          Black Box Testing by developers

            Writing test scenarios for applications with a non-standard architecture requires the developer to have superior skills in general and knowledge of niceties of implementing the system to be tested in particular. This article will describe the process of developing a..

            Experience in Integrating VoIP with Zapier

              The article describes the implementation of integration between Kazoo VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Zapier platforms. The solution was implemented by JazzTeam for a commercial VoIP provider from Europe. Zapier allows to link several external services: The link between..

              What is MobX 5

                The purpose of this article is to give an outline of the MobX library, describe what it is based on, and tell about the advantages of this tool for managing the state of an application. In this article, we will..

                What is Flexbox

                  When creating site layouts, a number of trivial problems related to aligning and placing items on a page often need solving. There are multiple solutions to these problems, but they often require many code lines and are not universal. Flexbox..

                  RabbitMQ Federation Plugin

                    RabbitMQ – a software message broker – is an open source application that supports various messaging protocols, such as AMQP, MQTT, STOMP and others. If your application needs to be deployed in multiple geographic locations, it becomes very difficult to..

                    The Common Structure of MVC Application in ExtJS

                      ExtJS is a JavaScript library for building web applications and user interfaces. It supports AJAX technology, animation, working with DOM, implementation of grids and tabs, events handling. The official website of the library. ExtJS applications architecture is based on the..