Technical Articles

Launch of Selenium tests on CircleCI using Docker

    The article is intended for people familiar with Selenium technology, since the article is referred to launch of Selenium tests on CI platform CircleCI. But first, let’s deal with the basic concepts of this topic. Continuous Integration is the practice..

    Best practices of information security in testing

      In the modern world, information is the greatest value. It’s not for nothing that in the century before last the following statement appeared: “Who owns information, owns the world”, it means there will always be a desire to get confidential,..

      Directive AngularJS. Life cycle

        This manual will be useful to a developer, who is already familiar with the basis of AngularJS framework and already knows how to create own directives, knows what a directive identification object is and its features, which are described in..

        Angular 2. Web API imitation

          Very often while developing a frontend side of a web application, a necessity of server side imitation occurs: create a stub to be able to implement the functionality of making requests and data receiving, while the server side hasn’t been..

          Using of Google Maps API in React application

            Google presents API convenient for working with geographical maps on any platform (Android, iOS, Web). Meanwhile, it is accompanied by full documentation with clear and useful examples. Work with a map is often used in projects, whether it be Google..

            Swagger installing and configuration description

              Swagger is a technology that allows documenting REST services. Swagger supports many programming languages and frameworks. Swagger also provides UI for documentation viewing. In this article, I’ll tell you how to plug Swagger in to Maven project, where REST services..

              Decentralized application’s development

                Note: The article was prepared in the autumn of 2017, since that time technologies may have changed. ETH (Ether) – tokens, the main cryptocurrency is represented by ethereum, it can be transferred in transactions, and it is the payment for..

                Generating reports in BIRT

                  In the first article on BIRT technology, there was made a simple report template that displays some data from the database in a tabular form. This is a simple database, which is used in a small web application. The database..

                  Integrating BIRT into Web application

                    In the article “Getting started with BIRT” we worked with the tool designed to create BIRT report templates and using which we can run these reports. But in practice, such an approach is unlikely to be acceptable for business, which..