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Mule software for internal systems integration

    Design of the integration layer responsible for communication and synchronization of various high-level systems and databases with each other, development of the UI portal for a world-renowned company: #MuleRuntime3, #MuleRuntime4, #Java, #Spring, #VueJS, #CloudHubEngine, #Anypointplatform, #SonarQube, #BitBucket, #Jenkins, #MUnit, #JMeter,..

    Java Safety Development Guidelines

      Java security architecture protects users and systems from intruders and incorrect code in many cases. Still, it cannot ensure protection against vulnerabilities created by development code. Development errors can unintentionally produce such software downfalls as access to files, printers, web..

      Creating a Windows service on Java

        One project required the development of a Windows service that could perform a number of actions using the Windows API, Websocket and standard Java tools. The article below gives the description of the steps that have been taken to create..

        Frequently Asked Questions during Java applet development

          This can be done by using the following code: applet.getAppletContext(). showDocument(new URL(“javascript:” + js)); Where applet is an object of JApplet class, js is a JavaScript function name, for example: show(). With that, the applet should be launched from JavaScript To..