Development of relations with the customer: from solving specific tasks to a full-fledged account for several projects

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Cost management solution provider, the Netherlands.

Business challenge

Before starting to work with JazzTeam, the customer had an extremely negative experience of cooperation with another service company. Therefore, they were already skeptical and planned to involve our team only for solving small tasks. In addition, they had great doubts that we would be able to immerse ourselves remotely in the project features and the complex product that their company had been developing for many years. The customer believed that it would be necessary to perform a large-scale transfer of knowledge in their office that required significant investment of engineers’ time.

Our team faced a really tough challenge: it was necessary not only to quickly immerse themselves in the product and prove themselves as first-class engineers, but also to dispel the customer’s doubts about our company, gain their full trust, and also build some processes from scratch. All this required not only deep immersion in the tasks by the developers, but also the participation of a competent project manager.

Project features

  • The product is particularly complex both technically and in terms of business functions.
  • The project uses complex patterns and architectural approaches.
  • Distributed team.
Headline icon PROJECT TASKS
Quick immersion in an extremely particularly complex product
Dispel customer's doubts about the remote work with a service company, arrange the regular deliveries
Show the high quality service and potential of JazzTeam based on a complex architectural challenge
Form a long-term partnership after gaining a deep level of customer's trust
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  • 1
    Fast immersion in the project Diving into the customer's project with the help of best practices of experience transfer and proactive position of JazzTeam engineers
  • 2
    Creating a reference project Initiating preparation of a reference project for the immersion of new specialists in the complex codebase
  • 3
    Organization of the onboarding process on the project by the JazzTeam manager Painless introduction of new employees to the project Full organization of the knowledge transfer process
  • 4
    Solving a complex architectural problem Conducting the necessary research (including R&D) Search for and subsequent implementation of a suitable architectural solution
  • 5
    Application of best practices of process establishment and management Implementation of Scrum culture on the project Building trust-based relations with the customer
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Headline icon RESULTS
  • Strong, long-lasting (over 5 years) cooperation was established within the framework of a full-fledged account
  • The prejudice and mistrust of the customer related to their previous negative experience was overcome
  • Successful immersion in a complex project was implemented, and the process of new engineer immersion was further improved
Block diagram: Development of relations with the customer

Approaches and solutions

  • Successful and prompt immersion in the project. By applying best practices of experience transfer and its proactive position, JazzTeam development team were able to dive deep enough into the project without the customer’s help and in the conditions of remote cooperation very quickly. After only 10 days, we started full-fledged development and were bringing significant value to the project.
  • Creating a reference project. Being convinced of the complexity of the knowledge transfer process on the project, the JazzTeam manager initiated the preparation of a reference project for immersing new specialists in the complex codebase. In the process of creating the reference project, we took into account important things like detailed immersion in the core of the system, the principles of bug fixing, and the architectural features of the software. The immersion in the product with the help of the reference project allowed the developers to learn the ropes and begin comprehensive work much faster. The speed of specialists’ immersion in the project increased by 5 times.
  • Organization of the onboarding process on the project by the JazzTeam manager. Our project manager participated in each type of service that was provided to the customer. His duties included painless introduction of new employees to the project, as well as the proper organization of the knowledge transfer process. New engineers joined the project quickly and without stress, which contributed to the stability of the project team.
  • Solving a complex architectural problem. During the work of our engineers in a distributed team, a complex architectural problem arose on one of the projects that the customer’s specialists could not solve for a long time. We decided to take the initiative and conduct the necessary research because we have extensive experience and skills in R&D. Based on the research results, we managed to find a suitable architectural solution that fully satisfied the customer. Moreover, they suggested that we implement this architectural concept in their product. This process took more than a year, however we managed to rise to the challenge while maintaining the necessary frequency of deliveries, as well as ensure experience preservation. Having seen the full scale of the work done and the benefits our team had brought, the customer finally became convinced of our professionalism and launched cooperation on several other projects.
  • Application of best practices in process establishment and management. Our team worked based on the Scrum culture. Development was carried out in stages in short iterations, and the progress of the project was constantly monitored at intermediate demos. Our manager took a proactive position, constantly maintained communication with the customer, and initiated an open discussion of all problems and nuances. This approach made it possible to build a trust-based partnership with the customer. The JazzTeam manager was constantly moving towards the set goals of developing relations with the customer by doing his job well, and in return received recognition for his professionalism and gained their complete trust.

Results and achievements

  • Strong cooperation was established within the framework of a full-fledged account. Thanks to JazzTeam’s project management techniques, our specialists have been developing various solutions for this company for more than 5 years. This case became an excellent example of trust-based relations with the customer, which are constantly developing.
  • Overcoming all prejudices and mistrust the customer had related to their previous negative experience.
  • Successful immersion in a complex project, as well as further improvement of the process of new engineers immersion. Thanks to the work carried out by our manager, activities that previously would have taken up to a year on the project now only take 2 months.

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