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Specific features of Frontend Development by JazzTeam

Frontend development by jazzteam

Frontend development is a comprehensive service. As part of this service, we always think about the future operation of the solution, analyze the peculiarities of integration with the server side, and understand the cost of product support in the future. This type of service primarily means engineering: we apply the same integrated architectural approach to frontend development as we do to the server side.

When preparing the basic functionality, we also offer new ideas and solutions, help to improve the product, and implement practices that save resources and allow us to achieve results much faster.

We have been engaged in frontend development for more than 10 years and have strong expertise in this area. Our experts will recommend the tools that will be most effective for your project, and help to implement approaches like CI/CD and test automation.

Our frontend developers use object-oriented programming (OOP) and design patterns, which is a peculiar feature of frontend development at JazzTeam. When training specialists, we take into account current trends and frameworks, but at the same time place great emphasis on studying the entire history of JavaScript technology development.

Our developers are well aware of basic JS standards (including possibilities for OOP implementation) and the evolutionary path that this technology has taken over its development: from problems related to the lack of unification between different browsers to the emergence of JQuery and subsequent frameworks. Therefore, our engineers can deeply analyze tasks, create effective libraries, and conduct research when working with complex, nonconventional technological challenges.

Frontend development at JazzTeam

Backed by the fundamental knowledge of frontend technologies, JazzTeam specialists have a deep understanding of the functioning of JS frameworks (AngularJS, ReactJS, etc.), explore the source code of popular Open Source solutions, and use best practices when creating own frameworks in an expandable OOP style. When building the client side logic, they use architectural and pattern thinking from the world of Java (as our company has a considerable expertise in Java technology).

All this allows us to provide professional services for the creation of cross-platform web solutions with an adaptive and extensible architecture, clean code, and highly reusable components.

Services for creating cross-platform web solutions
Services for creating cross-platform web solutions

We implement functionality that will allow us to quickly and conveniently solve your business problems

When providing frontend system development services, we use flexible approaches. We rely on the Agile philosophy, build processes according to the Scrum methodology, and use practices and techniques of eXtreme Programming in routine activities. In this way, we guarantee transparency in all our interactions and the possibility of your active involvement in the product development process. When collaborating with us, you can choose the degree of your involvement in the project: from obtaining detailed statuses from our managers to participating in daily stand-ups with the entire team and retrospectives at the end of iterations.

Scrum Processes
Scrum Processes

Software types we have worked with successfully

As well as the usual frontend solutions, JazzTeam has experience in building non-trivial UI systems in the field of telecommunications for European and American customers. We specialize in the development of content management systems (CMS), and create systems for the management of supplies, inventories, orders, and warehouse management. We develop solutions for project and process management for specific customer needs.

Our company cooperates with various startups in the field of physical and mental health, and several entertainment companies. JazzTeam specialists also have extensive expertise in building frontends for electronic document management systems.

We are always pleased to cooperate with innovative companies engaged in science, data analysis, and IoT solutions. The development of applications for customers like these requires studying the domain area and applying non-standard approaches and solutions.

Frontend development services provided by JazzTeam

Types of frontend development services at JazzTeam
Types of frontend development services at JazzTeam
  • Frontend development from scratch. We implement CI/CD and use Unit Testing on all projects.
  • Improvement and development of existing frontend solutions. We are happy to perform refactoring at the JavaScript level, as well as apply all the best architectural practices from the Java development world for evolutionary refactoring.
  • Application performance optimization.
  • Conducting R&D in frontend development. Our company has extensive experience in deep technological research in frontend development, where it is necessary to dive into the core of libraries, frameworks, and browser features. We have undertaken and successfully completed many tasks like these.
  • Frontend development consultation on your project.

You can start your cooperation with JazzTeam by ordering one service. For example, R&D, architecture design, or refactoring. This way you can evaluate our work over the course of several iterations and, if they are successful, order other services (development, testing, management). We have many long term customers of more than 5 years, and these often began with small tasks. Once we confirmed the level of service we are able to provide, we earned trust and further expanded our teams and the scope of our services.


The technologies we use

JazzTeam specialists have deep knowledge of JavaScript. We can work with native JS or JQuery without using auxiliary frameworks and libraries. If necessary, we can create our own solutions and frameworks, especially if innovative product development is required. Our company also uses all modern JavaScript frameworks and libraries:

  • ReactJS. Used to develop large projects with a complex structure, as well as mobile applications for iOS and Android.
  • AngularJS. A popular library actively used to develop single-page web applications.
  • VueJS. Used to develop various solutions that involve external APIs for data processing. For example, CMS systems.
  • ExtJS. A framework often used to create interactive cross-platform web applications.
  • EmberJS. Great for creating web applications.

We use the entire stack for JavaScript test automation, and emulate user behavior with Selenium WebDriver. We also use Karma and Jasmine. Along with JavaScript, we work with all relevant CSS tools, such as LESS and SASS.

Our strengths in Frontend Development

  • We adhere to engineering standards and approaches, have extensive experience in architecture and software design, and constantly apply best practices from the Java world to other technological areas:

  • We create UI for different systems based on the MVC pattern.
  • We ensure a high percentage of JavaScript code coverage with Unit tests.
  • We implement continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) on all projects, and systematically use eXtreme Programming (XP) tools.

  1. We strive to apply modern approaches and trends in frontend development:

  • Develop progressive web applications (PWA).
  • Use the GraphQL technology.
  • Experience with Google Protocol Buffers.
  • Use static site generators (Next, Nuxt, Gatsby, Gridsome).

Our strengths in front-end development
Our strengths in front-end development
  1. We constantly follow the development of HTML and CSS standards, perform deep analysis of new versions of JS protocols, up-to-date tools, and the dynamic capabilities of HTML, and actively apply them in practice.
  2. We work at the intersection of frontend and backend development. In particular, we have extensive experience in the creation and customization of content management systems, and the dynamic generation of static sites. We also solve server generation problems using various XML technologies.
  3. We apply best practices and approaches to development and testing: Model Driven Development, Test Driven Development, and Data Driven Testing. This enables us to create stable, scalable, and easily supported IT solutions.

The 7 advantages of Frontend Development by JazzTeam

  • We can develop just the frontend without the need for constant synchronization with the backend team. JazzTeam works perfectly well while completely isolated from the back-end, and uses specialized software for this purpose. We proceed to iterations with only the backend when it’s strictly really necessary.
  • We study the issues and products of our customers in great depth, and offer optimal cost-effective solutions.
  1. If necessary, we can conduct complex technological research and learn new effective tools that will help solve your problems.
  2. We implement continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) on all projects. This ensures product predictability and stability, and also reduces the cost of its further support.
  3. We ensure the high quality of application UIs using various test automation tools (Karma, Jasmine, etc.), as well as our experience in the field of automated and manual testing.
  1. We work according to the Scrum methodology, which ensures complete transparency and honesty of cooperation. We provide fast results by using the advantages of agile incremental development. We work efficiently in a distributed team environment.
  2. We consult on improving the frontend of applications. We will help you solve any problems with the compatibility of application components with different browsers, and create an effective system of legacy code refactoring.

Our company provides excellent project management

The basis of our successful service is a well-established culture of project management that uses standardized and formalized processes. Every JazzTeam manager follows this culture and can also influence its development and improvement.

Thanks to well structured processes and professional management, all the projects our company has undertaken have been completed successfully.

Strong management is an important component of our services. The active participation of a project manager from our company doesn’t contradict Agile approaches or the full-fledged self-organization of the team. Managers at JazzTeam are also Scrum masters acting as mentors and leaders. Their main task is to coordinate interactions with the customer and monitor team effectiveness. This includes facilitating communications and setting up processes on our part. Our managers ensure high-level process management on the project, implement the necessary task tracking and test management tools, and apply best practices of product development management. Experience has shown that this approach contributes to the improvement and efficiency of processes on the project, and also reduces non-production costs of engineers, which will result in cheaper product development costs for you.

Smart project management
Smart project management

A professional approach to our work allows us to consistently ensure high-quality deliveries of software, achieve goals within the stated deadlines, and maintain the team’s high productivity levels throughout the project.

Efficient distribution of best practices in the company

Experience transfer processes are well-established at JazzTeam. We create reference projects for frontend development frameworks, including Angular and React. This means our company effectively preserves best development practices and initiates their application. By constantly developing and mastering new technologies, we prepare instructions and manuals that help to quickly immerse new employees in complex tools. For example, we created a manual describing the most commonly used frontend tools.

Our company has also developed its own approach to the transfer and acceptance of new projects. We know how to properly structure the processes of project transfer and acceptance in order to preserve the most important information accumulated over the years. Our specialists can deeply immerse themselves in the architecture and domain of complex products, ask the necessary questions about their purpose without distracting you and your specialists with trivialities, and explore the product independently.

Best practices

Each JazzTeam manager is trained in project transfer and acceptance. They are ready to take on real tasks from the moment they are assigned to the project, start with routine ones and, by immersing themselves in the particulars of the situation on the project, move on to setting strategic goals. JazzTeam project managers understand the value of the experience gained by the previous team and are never in a hurry to implement changes. All new approaches and practices are implemented in a timely manner during the necessary stages of the development process.

A systematic approach to the transfer of projects helps our specialists to quickly understand the product features and gradually launch streams on its safe evolution and development. At the same time, you can continue using the product while in production, and we will ensure the necessary stability of work. All this allows us to professionally provide services for software upgrades, refactoring, and creation of new parts of the application.

Our team

JazzTeam frontend developers are experienced professionals with a proactive position, excellent communication skills, and a high level of empathy. They constantly receive training, develop themselves, and master new technologies and tools.

When selecting technical specialists, we follow the standards developed by our company. Before starting work on any company’s project, the developer must have experience in writing Unit tests, understand all stages of the CI/CD process, be able to independently assess and decompose tasks, and escalate difficulties to the project manager in a timely manner in order to prevent risks affecting the project.

JazzTeam engineers are focused on coordinated work. We will provide a team of engineers that will easily fit into your processes, and help to establish a value-based approach to development on the project. If necessary, they can also help improve the psychological atmosphere in your team.

Our team at work

Cooperation options

We offer the most favorable conditions for customers by working under a Time and Material contract, in which payments are made iteratively based on the time and resources spent by the team. Our company is always open to dialogue, and ready to offer various options for cooperation:

ServiceWe can start working with one service, and add others when you are sure of our quality.
ServiceWe can take on product development from scratch, including R&D and task setting.
ServiceYou can involve us in a specific task, and we will provide you with the necessary specialists.

By joining your team or interacting with other teams, we guarantee friendly interaction and transparent communication.

You can find more options and opportunities for cooperation in our Roadmap for working with JazzTeam.

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