Technological Consulting of Founder and Frontend Development of Health Monitoring Web App

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Industries: Health Care. Fitness & Recreation
  • Services: Backend Development; Frontend Development; Manual Testing Services; IT Consulting; Software Reengineering, Refactoring and Modernization. Cloud Migration
  • Software Categories and Types: B2C Solutions
  • Technical Expertise: Web Development
  • DevOps Expertise: Advanced build organization
  • Technologies: Bootstrap (Twitter Bootstrap); Node.JS; AJAX; jQuery UI; HTML5; Frontend; LESS; CSS; Backend; JavaScript; GruntJS; JavaScript Frameworks; RequireJS; SASS; jqGrid; Parallax.js; JavaScript Libraries; CSS Frameworks; Chrome DevTools; Ember.js; jQuery; Handlebars; Languages, Protocols, APIs, Network Tools; Network Tools; Putty; Foundation (Zurb); Raphael.js; Firebug; WOW.js
  • Team size (3):
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 2 Frontend

Provided services

Backend Development, Frontend Development, Manual Testing Services, IT Consulting, Software Reengineering, Refactoring and Modernization. Cloud Migration


An American health care startup.


This application helps a user monitor their health state and guides them towards healthier decisions throughout their day-to-day life. The user should fill out a questionnaire in detail, indicating their physical characteristics, habits, and lifestyle characteristics. And after analyzing the data of user profiles, the application will display a set of advice and recommendations to improve the user’s health and healthcare, will help identify the risk of occurrence of complications as a result of incorrect lifestyle, and will prompt prophylactic ways to prevent negative impacts and health deterioration.


The customer’s company was a startup, so at the time of our collaboration, they had limited funding. The client had no plans to outsource the development entirely. What they needed was a quick start – prototypes and solution architecture. Later, they intended to independently maintain the application to the best of their abilities. Therefore, it was necessary to train an engineer from the client’s side.

Our company has extensive experience working on projects where multiple teams are involved, or the client requires training. In such conditions, it is crucial to prepare quality documentation and create understandable guidelines so that after the project is completed, the client knows how to independently develop the system.

In this project, the challenge was to establish effective communication and provide comprehensive training. On one hand, the customer was our client, on the other hand, a learner who trusted our expertise. Simultaneously, it was necessary to design the architecture in a way that would make the product easy to maintain. All of this had to be implemented within a limited timeframe.

Project Context

Joint work in the distributed team with more than 10 hours time difference.

Need help


Our work began with conducting research to choose the optimal technological stack that would meet the client’s needs. We thoroughly explored the possibilities and selected technologies that best aligned with the project’s goals.

Applying the best development practices, our team configured the necessary environment, adhered to the principles of clean code, and maintained high programming standards. In the development of the web application’s frontend, we utilized a broad range of HTML5 capabilities and numerous libraries to enhance the graphical interface.

Establishing the architectural foundation of the application also became a key stage in the process. Initially, the client expected to receive the system architecture and business cases from our team. We also provided all the necessary documentation and comments that could assist the client’s team in the future. Throughout the development process, JazzTeam specialists consistently assessed the complexity of the written code in terms of its readability and understanding after project completion. These principles were among the most important in selecting approaches and technologies.

Training and consulting the client’s frontend specialist were also part of our responsibilities. We met with the client’s frontend specialist, conducted an initial interview to identify their abilities, weaknesses, and strengths, which were taken into account both in training and in direct development of the system’s core.

Technological Overview

  • Difficult configured build system, implemented on GruntJS
  • Web application is developed using Ember JS and JQuery frameworks. The user interface of the application is based on Bootstrap, SASS and Handlebars template processors.


Kirill Altman
Kirill Altman
Entrepreneur, New York, USA

"I have the deepest personal and professional respect for JazzTeam, and sincerely believe they will bring their unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless creativity. It should go without saying that their engineers are remarkable IT talents. The developers have always taken their role seriously and were passionate about the results. They are at their best in a group environment, and are consciously proactive in getting full involvement of all other team members to derive the best possible results.

JazzTeam developers consistently completed tasks assigned on time and without errors. They are able to successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure."


JazzTeam has extensive experience in consulting and documentation development. In this project, we successfully completed the task of training the client and also performed the necessary technical work within a limited budget. Our team prepared the project foundation for the client to develop the product independently in the future without the need to hire additional staff. The business task was completely solved and the client remained satisfied with the cooperation:

  • The problem of application components compatibility with different browsers have been resolved, various multimedia HTML5 features were implemented in the application, code refactoring was carried out.
  • In conditions of difficult multi-module architecture, the new components implementation and support was successfully realized. The architectural basis of the application was prepared and the optimal technologies were selected, which allowed the customer’s team to focus on the further implementation of business cases.
  • The customer’s specialist was trained and became ready to develop the application independently. Using our management approaches, we were able to deeply immerse the developer in the project specific features and teach him the necessary technical skills.
  • Coped with all the challenges successfully and on time.

JazzTeam Achievement

  • Our team provided expert frontend development consultation services



GruntJS, Ember.js, jQuery, jQuery UI, AJAX, Handlebars, CSS, SASS, LESS, HTML5, Bootstrap, Foundation, Raphael.js, RequireJS, WOW.js, Parallax.js.

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