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Unlock the Power of Big Numbers in JavaScript!

    Explore #WorkWithLargeNumbersUsingJS to master handling vast numerical data in your projects. JazzTeam’s guide covers everything from data types and bit manipulation to advanced arithmetic and the use of specific libraries like #BigInt and #BignumberJS. Key Takeaways: – Understanding JavaScript Number..

    What is Couchbase?

      Discover the Power of Couchbase: Optimize Your Data Management! Unveil the potential of Couchbase, the cutting-edge, document-oriented NoSQL database in our latest article. Dive into the architecture and data structures that make Couchbase a top choice for managing large-scale web,..

      What is Apache ZooKeeper?

        Dive into Apache ZooKeeper: Master Distributed Systems! Explore Apache ZooKeeper, the backbone of distributed system coordination, through our insightful article. Understand its unique data model, resembling a file system, and learn how it manages complex networks efficiently. Grasp the essentials..

        Completed development of a cross-platform VoIP client

          JazzTeam took part in the development of a corporate cross-platform messenger (text, video and audio calls). The development was carried out using Dart+Flutter stack. The customer is one of the European providers of IP telephony. Information on the challenges we..