The history of company creation

JazzTeam was founded in 2011 by Dzmitry Harachka, a Java developer and architect with extensive industry experience, MSc in Engineering, SCJP/SCWCD, and XP/Scrum practitioner.

Before creating JazzTeam, our founder Dzmitry Harachka had been professionally working in Java development on international projects for many years. During this time, he understood that the Java platform is one of the most versatile and effective technologies for Agile-oriented IT services. Focusing on Java allowed JazzTeam to occupy its niche and be popular in the market. JazzTeam quickly enough reached a stable flow of orders and accumulated a pool of regular customers who were completely satisfied with our service level and highly appreciated our work. With some of them we continue maintaining strong partner relationships over many years.

By focusing on one technology, we have created a real expert environment in the company. Our accumulated experience allows us to deeply analyze the product architecture, share best practices between different projects, effectively solve technological problems, and thereby do our job more professionally. This approach is harmonized with our values: we believe it is better to do one thing perfectly than a lot of things at an average level.

Our project management standards are based on Agile software development methodologies. The company’s technical competencies are based on Java technology and eXtreme Programming principles (Continuous Integration, TDD, DDT, pair programming). Our culture and approaches to development are reflected in the Agile Java Development slogan.

Java technologies are our key area of expertise. However, we follow current trends and work with such programming languages as Node.js, Groovy, and Kotlin. Also, we have extensive experience in front-end development and use JavaScript and related web technologies: HTML5, AJAX, Angular.js, React.js, Redux.

In our work, we rely on the following approaches and standards:

Approaches and Standards

Approaches and Standards

«JazzTeam is a value-based IT service company with a specific mission and goal. At the beginning of our work, we formulated the principles and philosophy, which still remain our guides today. Agile methodology, Java technologies, and focus on engineering and empathy are the essential components of JazzTeam service, which help us achieve the desired result and benefit our customers.»

About the company’s name

Creating his own company, Dzmitry chose a non-trivial name for the IT sphere, JazzTeam, which refers to his great passion – jazz music. This bright name perfectly demonstrates our principles and values:

  • Jazz is creativity and improvisation.
  • Jazz is freedom and self-sufficiency.
  • Jazz is the music created by exciting people who never stand still and are in search of new ideas.
  • Jazz is the music that is created by a team and sounds great when each of the musicians complements the others.
  • Jazz is complex music that requires a perfect mastery of musical instruments.

The main features of jazz – creativity, teamwork, and unconventionality – are defining in the work of JazzTeam.

JazzTeam Team

Photo: JazzTeam Team

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