Materials related to React

When and How to Apply OOP in React

    JazzTeam is pleased to present you a compilation of its experience in the field of front-end development. In particular, the experience of using OOP in React. With its pros and cons. Such expertise allows JazzTeam specialists to implement architecturally competent..

    Text editor in Draft.js

      Draft.js is a framework by Facebook designed to develop text editors in React.js. The source code of the project has already scored more than 22,000 stars on github. Specific requirements for the created editor, of course, will require writing own..

      What is MobX 5

        The purpose of this article is to give an outline of the MobX library, describe what it is based on, and tell about the advantages of this tool for managing the state of an application. In this article, we will..

        Using of Google Maps API in React application

          Google presents API convenient for working with geographical maps on any platform (Android, iOS, Web). Meanwhile, it is accompanied by full documentation with clear and useful examples. Work with a map is often used in projects, whether it be Google..