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Unlock the Power of Big Numbers in JavaScript!

    Explore #WorkWithLargeNumbersUsingJS to master handling vast numerical data in your projects. JazzTeam’s guide covers everything from data types and bit manipulation to advanced arithmetic and the use of specific libraries like #BigInt and #BignumberJS. Key Takeaways: – Understanding JavaScript Number..

    Work with Large Numbers Using JS as an Example

      JazzTeam is always happy to share its experience, in particular, in the field of front-end development. This article is the result of our developers’ work on several “heavyweight” projects of our partners. Each of these projects is somehow related to..

      Useful features of Lodash library

        Lodash is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to work with arrays, numbers, objects, and strings by providing a variety of useful methods. Thanks to this library, we do not have to waste time implementing the logic and algorithms,..

        The most frequently used frontend tools manual

          This manual contains a description of useful and the most frequently used front-end tools. The process of installing tools and the main points of working with them are described here. Third-party libraries and plugins are often added during project development...