Automatic Brand Analyzer utilizing Social Network Crawling: Full Stack Development and R&D

  • Duration: 9 months
  • Industries: Travel & Tourism; Social Media, Social Media Analysis
  • Services: Product Development; Backend Development; Test Automation Services; Manual Testing Services; Early-Stage Innovation, R&D Services; Software Integration Services
  • Software Categories and Types: Social Media Analysis/Crowling
  • IT Architecture Paradigms and Approaches: Test Driven Development (TDD); Enterprise Integration Patterns; Object-Oriented Programming (OOP); Architectural Patterns
  • Technical Expertise: Test Automation; Research and Development (R&D); Databases; Cloud Enablement, Migration, Implementation; Social Media Analysis
  • DevOps Expertise: CI/CD Basics
  • Technologies: Apache Maven; IceFaces; Apache Tomcat; JUnit / TestNG; RegExp; Data Bases; Shell Scripts; Project Management, Collaboration and Bug Tracking; CI/CD Automation Servers; Git; Jenkins; Selenium WebDriver; Bash; Java; Eclipse; MongoDB; Various Utility Languages; IDE; Build and Dependency Platforms and Tools; Backend; Apache Ant; Mockito; Spring; Gerrit; Source Code Management (SCM); Test Automation; Nexus; Web Frameworks; JavaServer Faces (JSF); APIs; CI/CD and DevOps; Facebook API; Languages, Protocols, APIs, Network Tools; Twitter API; Vaadin; Software Engineering and Management Tools; Spring Batch; Spring IoC; Quartz Job Scheduler; Bugzilla; Spring AOP; Java Libraries; Web and J2EE Servers, Java Runtimes; Apache OpenNLP; NoSQL DBs
  • Team size (3):
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 2 Backend

Project summary


The company has developed a search engine and a system for semantic analysis of hotel brands references. The system was integrated into a SaaS solution that enables hotel owners to manage their brand presence in Social Media. It searches for popular sites with customer reviews of hotels, such as, expedia,, tripadvisor,, and others, as well as for comments in the social networks Facebook and Twitter. The system returns to the sites for updated information on a regular basis. For this purpose we implemented search robots (crawlers). Reviews’ texts are analyzed with the help of a neural network (we applied Apache OpenNLP project) from different perspectives: negative or positive, comments about Wi-Fi, garage or room service and so on. The system composes a hotels’ rating on the basis of the obtained information and allows the owners to review feedbacks collected from various sources and compare the ratings. All these helps them to come up with new ideas for service quality improvements.


Java, IceFaces, Vaadin, MongoDB, Twitter/Facebook API, Spring (IoC, AoP, Batch), JUnit, Mockito, Apache Tomcat, Eclipse, Git, Maven, Ant, Gerrit (system for code review), Jenkins, Nexus, Apache OpenNLP, shell scripts, Web Driver (UI-tests), Quartz, RegExp.

Project features

  • Full compliance with the Scrum processes as one of the customer’s requirements.
  • Use of a Git/Gerrit combination.
  • One of the teams worked on the side of our customer.

Project results

  • All iterations with the participation of our team were acknowledged successful
  • Information gathering was implemented for more than 25 sites with customer reviews of hotels.
  • The team made a business trip to the customer’s site in Germany, experience exchange with the colleagues and delicious German beer rendered the trip successful :)

Company’s achievements during the project

  • The project team developed a number of architectural improvements for the crawlers implementation, such as data gathering on different language versions of a site.
  • There was implemented a system for regressive crawlers testing, which uses the data collected by the crawlers.
  • We implemented an automated UI testing using Web Driver, and created an architectural framework for auto tests using the Page Object pattern.


Friedrich Boeckh
Friedrich Boeckh
Managing Director, Infopulse GmbH, Information Technology and Services, Germany

"JazzTeam participated in innovative project I was supervising.
A team shown high professional level in a matter of architectural design, Agile processes, unit testing and involvement at the project.
You can trust JazzTeam’s engineers, rely on them and can expect high quality provided by Java experts."

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