Distribution Management System Integrated with ERPs of 10+ Regional Distributors

  • Duration: 2 years 6 months
  • Industries: E-Commerce; Supply Chain, Inventory & Order Management
  • Services: Backend Development; Custom Software Development; Test Automation Services; Manual Testing Services; Software Integration Services; Software Maintenance and Support Services
  • Software Categories and Types: ERP/CRM Systems
  • IT Architecture Paradigms and Approaches: Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • Technical Expertise: Test Automation; MuleSoft Implementation and Integration; Security Enablement and Audit (digital signature, WS standards, OASIS best practices)
  • DevOps Expertise: CI/CD Basics
  • Technologies: Apache Maven; REST; CI/CD Automation Servers; Jenkins; RAML; ActiveMQ; Java; Various Utility Languages; Build and Dependency Platforms and Tools; Backend; Anypoint MQ Connector; YAML; Standards and Protocols; Mule ESB; CI/CD and DevOps; CloudHub; Message Queues and Service Buses; Languages, Protocols, APIs, Network Tools; Network Tools; WinSCP; FileZilla; SFTP
  • Team size (3):
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 2 Backend

Project summary

thumbnail-image In view of the increasing distribution network of a large goods supplier, the task was to integrate the internal end-to-end management system of the regional distribution markets (Distribution management system – DMS) with ERP systems of worldwide distributors for a more rapid and less costly way of exchanging information. Further expansion of the distributors network was taken into account while designing and developing. This allows integrating ERP of new network participants with the DMS vendor with minimal costs.

MuleESB (Enterprise Service Bus) was chosen as a platform for the integration system, it allows combining various existing information systems of the supplier. The integration system was deployed in a cloud on the CloudHub platform. The REST API architectural style was used to avoid restricting with specific data transfer protocols.

JazzTeam engineers were part of the distributed team and took an active part in the decision-making stages, direct development, application implementation, and technical support.


MuleESB, REST API, RAML, SFTP, CloudHub, Maven, Jenkins, AnypointMQ, ActiveMQ.


Project features

  • Distributed team with participants from 3 countries in different time zones (North America, Asia, Europe).
  • Regional distributors are located in different parts of the world (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Kingdom, etc.).
  • The need to have a certified Mule specialist (“MuleSoft Certified Developer”) on the team.
  • The main challenge was the various configurations of DMS and ERP systems for different markets and distributors, which needed to be taken into account.

Project results

  • All the stages were successfully passed starting from design and finishing in system integration testing, user acceptance testing, and output to Production.
  • The successful integration with various distributors from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Ireland, etc. was carried out.

Company’s achievements during the project

  • In the process of preparation for the project, our company team was extended with Jazzteam developers who successfully passed the exam and received the certificate “MuleSoft Certified Developer (MCD – Integration and API Associate)”.
  • In the process of development, the JazzTeam specialists assumed the function of setting tasks for other developers of the project.
  • The team assembled and adopted the best practices when working on projects with MuleESB integration platform, such as:
  • using Mule Expression Language;
  • development of separate exception strategy for each flow;
  • converting data into various formats using Dataweave transformation;
  • features of work with different types of queues (VM, AnypointMQ, ActiveMQ);
  • the need to cover Mule Flows with MUnit tests and use JMeter while performing load testing.


Michael O’Meara
Michael O’Meara
Vice President, Infoview Systems Inc, the development of integration projects, Livonia, USA

"We partnered with JazzTeam to expand our offshore team which allowed us to enhance our service offerings to our customers globally.

Beginning with an initial project we were pleased with their efficient processes, good management, and high level of technical expertise they brought to the overall customer experience.

Daily stand-up meeting on projects with open communication allows us to stay on track, and keeps all team members updated on the current circumstances of the project. The approach allows us to predict risks and manage them, and when necessary react fast to various situations that may arise. Their team works cohesively with our global team, providing successful project execution. I can recommend this company as a reliable partner in the area of software development."

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