JazzTeam has been working on complex IT projects for over 10 years. Since the foundation of the company, we have been focused on Java technology. This priority was chosen by our founder, Dzmitry Harachka: Java technology is one of the most versatile and effective solutions for providing IT services.

In this new article, we will explain in detail our commitment to Java technology and the benefits it brings to JazzTeam customers.

You will also learn there about Java’s strengths, technology leadership, and role in promoting the best practices of Extreme Programming and Agile development. And those who decide to learn a new programming language have the opportunity to get acquainted with the corporate training program for Java engineers developed in our company.

In addition to theoretical materials, in the article you will also find information about JazzTeam’s expertise in Java and 5 examples of non-trivial tasks performed by our engineers.

Follow the link and learn more in the article “Java technology – JazzTeam’s choice“.