We successfully completed a project aimed at developing a website for a multifunctional translation service, creating videos and providing services in the field of multilingual marketing:

  • During the project, the Crowdin platform was used, which made it possible to update the content of the website in 6 languages.
  • The website was switched to Firebase hosting, which improved page loading speed.
  • Multiplatform layout was used to adapt the website pages to different browsers and screen sizes, and to working in different operating systems.

The service for which the website was created allows you to localize software, apps, games and documents into more than 70 languages. Also, with its help, the user can create promotional videos with voice acting. The website provides information (on more than 40 pages) describing the capabilities of the service. The main SEO analytics tools are added there, as well as the possibility of placing contextual advertising. All content on the website is presented in 6 languages.

Please see details here.

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