Hi, dear friends! We are glad to share with you the story of product creation from scratch, where JazzTeam played an important role!

The project is an advertising banner generator. Banner templates and animations are created by designers and developers based on the customer’s ideas. Ready-made templates are uploaded to a personal account, where the customer can edit the text, change the size, and download banners that are ready to be uploaded to the ad network.

Our team was faced with the following project tasks:

  • to develop the frontend and backend parts of banner generator platform from scratch;
  • to create a converter for rendering HTML5 format banners to animated MP4 and GIF videos;
  • to create an exporter module to create an archive with finished files and folders to send them to the customer;
  • to cover the platform functionality with automated UI tests.

You can read about the challenges we had to face and the results we had achieved in our article.

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