During the almost 12 years of JazzTeam’s existence, our website’s portfolio has accumulated over 100 projects in various fields and using a wide range of technologies. As the number of projects grew, we began to realize that it was very difficult for our potential clients visiting the site to navigate through the existing portfolio and quickly find the necessary projects with the experience they were interested in.

In response to this, we are pleased to introduce our new development, Advanced Multi-Axis Portfolio, a multi-axis filter that allows you to apply multiple criteria simultaneously, greatly simplifying the process of finding and selecting projects that meet the client’s needs.

Now a potential client can easily find examples of work that demonstrate our competence and experience in specific areas. It is possible to filter projects by various basic criteria such as domain, technology, type of service and many others. For example, if a user is looking for a set of projects in the IT sector where the service provided was front-end development in Java, all he has to do is select the necessary options on the appropriate axes (Services, Domains, Technology) and the filter will pick up the relevant project.

Our sales department’s task of demonstrating successful projects to customers has also been simplified, thanks to the ability to generate a link to the selection result.

The main features of Advanced Multi-Axis Portfolio functionality include:

  • Generation of links to the page containing the selection results.
  • Generating shortcodes for WordPress that contain information about all the selected tags. They are designed to place the selected projects on the pages of the site.
  • Different modes of displaying filter and selection results
  • Functionality of dividing the axes into main and additional axes. If necessary, additional axes can be hidden.
    Hidden axis functionality – it is possible to create links and shortcuts with the selection result on a hidden axis. The hidden axis is not visible to unauthorised users, but it is taken into account when generating selection results.
    Search by technology name on the Technology axis.
  • Toggle AND / OR logic within the technology axis.

This tool makes exploring JazzTeam’s projects even more convenient and efficient. Follow this link and take advantage of the new multi-axis portfolio filtering.