We are glad to inform you that our team of professionals successfully completed work on another project named “Transferring of commercial integrative Mule applications from on-premise into the cloud environment”.

The goal of this project was to transfer integrating applications, which connect the global Distribution Management System with ERP systems (SAP and JD Edwards) of regional distributors, from on-premise environment to CloudHub platform.

Integrating applications were implemented using MuleESB. The main difficulty was that each application launched in a few copies with individual configurations for each market/distributor, while for some applications the number of such configurations was close to 30. It didn’t represent an issue while working on the client’s servers in on-premise environment, but for launching each of the applications on the cloud a special container with the certain amount of the allocated resources is created. Within CloudHub platform it is called vCore and it may have values like 0.1, 0.2, 0.5 etc. It means that even subject to the availability of the minimum number of vCores (0.1) per one application, there would be a possibility of simultaneous launch only of a small part of all applications.

Project features, company’s achievements during the project and project results you can easily find here: https://jazzteam.org/portfolio/transferring-commercial-integration-mule-applications-from-on-premise-to-the-cloud-environment/

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