Friends, we are glad to share with you the news about releasing a video review of cooperation between JazzTeam and SimMakers.

We often write about the level and quality of JazzTeam services, the benefits and various options for cooperation with us for customes and partners. Today you can learn about it first hand.

SimMakers company has been developing science-intensive software since 2001. Initially, our customer’s product, which has no analogues in the world, was developed as a start-up, but for the possibility of its further development, a serious transformation was required. The company was not able to reach a new level on its own, because from the technical, process and psychological sides the project came to a point where further business development became impossible.

The main goals of JazzTeam on the project were advising on overcoming the technological crisis and improving the psychological atmosphere in the company.

The video review reveals the important components of the project’s success, as well as the SimMakers CEO’s assessment of the quality of JazzTeam services and the results of our cooperation.

Watch this video and more on our YouTube channel.