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“Business process management for customer service” project, which we successfully continue to work on.

The business process management for customer service was designed to automate the client service business processes in telecom operator companies. The main objective of the system is the registration and processing of incoming appeals from clients. All the company’s contacts with clients are recorded by operators of service departments. Information on such appeals is accepted and registered by operators, processed and systematized in the database with the required level of detail. Depending on the client’s appeal the certain actions are performed, the decision is taken and then the client is sent a notice of the results of his appeal processing. The client appeal is closed and the information is stored.

Our team was working on the modernization of the system which already is used by the customer – we developed Open API interface. Open API is an open communication protocol that is available to third-party developers and allowing to solve any internal business problems of communications operator.

Project features, company’s achievements during the project and project results you can easily find here.

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