We are excited to share great news. We’ve prepared and published the article named “Agile Java Development“, dedicated to the slogan and principles of our company. The article describes the philosophy of JazzTeam, as well as the main secrets of our success.

For more than 10 years, JazzTeam has been following the principles associated with Agile culture, Scrum methodology and development of IT products based on the Java programming language. The technological focus of the company is grounded on following the approaches of CI/ CD, Data Driven Testing, as well as the principles of extreme programming.

The Agile Java Development article details each element of our philosophy. For example, here we share our opinion on why the Agile culture is great for IT projects, what advantages it has over other approaches. A separate block of the article is devoted to Java technology. We share our opinion on why Java developers are good at solving research problems. In addition, we talk about our experience, highlight what development tools we use and why you should choose JazzTeam for Java application development. We also formulated our own understanding of what the IT service should be like and what are the clear differences between engineering and coding in development.

Based on our own approach and philosophy, we were able to achieve the following excellent results:

  • Successfully completed over 100 projects.
  • Established long-term productive cooperation with large companies.
  • More than 70% of our customers are regular customers.

We recommend reading this article if you want to learn more about our cultural code and the principles of work, which are directly reflected in cooperation.