We have good news for all socially active creators. Our developers have completed the work on creation of thematic social network for creative people. All members unite in hubs to communicate, share media content and co-work on commercial and non-commercial projects. Users have different roles; at their disposal they have a list of their own posts with the ability to limit access to it, as well as multi-functional calendar with lots of different events.

Server and client parts of the social network are developed as separate applications. The client part is a web application built mainly on Ajax, web pages layout was done using Tiles template framework and Less stylesheet language. The server part is a set of REST services, that allows to create multiple client applications (web, mobile, etc.). During application development Hibernate, Spring MVC were actively used.

You can find detailed information here: https://jazzteam.org/portfolio/the-social-network-for-creative-people/