Of course, it is not easy, but our team knows a clear answer to this question! We have prepared a new article about a complex project in which JazzTeam specialists built 6 critical processes from scratch, as well as implemented CI/CD and automated testing.

The owner of the company had a request to conquer new market niches, which required the addition of a significant part of new functionality. By that moment the system had become very complex due to the accumulation of a large amount of source code of different versions written by different generations of employees. From a technical point of view, the product became difficult to upgrade, releases were extremely unstable, and deliveries became irregular. Writing Unit tests was a rare practice and applied ad hoc. There was also no automated UI testing, since its implementation was an even more complex and labor-intensive task that required the use of a separate framework. Manual testing was carried out on an ad-hoc basis, no regression testing was carried out.

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