Cooperation with JazzTeam while receiving manual testing service means high quality, a systematic and integrated approach, professional management of the testing process, work done by qualified and proactive specialists, and thoughtful integration with the CI/CD processes on your project.

JazzTeam specialists always approach their work with a great deal of responsibility. Regardless of the complexity of your product, we deeply understand the domain area and the features of the system, develop a detailed plan and implement only the necessary types of testing. This allows you to effectively use the resources of your team and save on development. Such an approach is the core of a professional and efficient service.

Manual testing requires highly qualified employees. This work requires widely ranged knowledge of various protocols and standards as well as the constant need to learn and effectively apply up-to-date tools. JazzTeam’s quality assurance specialists have in-depth knowledge of test cases design and are highly proficient in test design techniques.

We solve the following types of tasks:

  • manual software testing;
  • building test management processes;
  • audit of the testing process on your project and consulting.

Why is it worth it to entrust manual testing to JazzTeam’s specialists? Find out more about the service and the benefits of manual testing by JazzTeam in our new article. There you can also get acquainted with some interesting cases from our practice.