A beautiful day, wonderful flowers and the magic mood were presented to us by our male colleagues.

The holiday was felt from the very morning because our boys adorned working places and offices with flowers and balloons. We were treated with celebrating words, bunches of flowers and guitar poetry composed and performed by our founder Dmitry Harachka. 

After performing songs Dmitriy noticed us about one more surprise. It was a picnic in the forest near the storage lake, in the place where our company has installed new benches during the shooting of the winter corporate video. We were little concerned about the bad weather, but on arrival we were very glad to see an arranged big shed above the table, which was protecting us from the rain. Well done, boys! They weren’t afraid of rain and hazy weather choosing the place, because our guys never give up and we appreciate this quality a lot!

Our guys made a great job! They set the table with dishes made by them such as salads, grilled spiced potatoes, sausages, sandwiches and barbecue.

We suggested playing the original game – in sheets we wrote words, which are very common only among women, like a highlighter, bedazzlers, papillote curls, spangles and so long. The boys had to explain what each word means, as they understood it. We had a great fun listening to boys different and unexpected explanations.

Later guys delighted their girls with pies made by them. The girls liked them so much that asked for a recipe.  

Then the holiday continued with a game “Guess a movie by a picture”. Some rebuses baffled a lot. Such pastime let to know better art skills and movie tastes of colleagues.

Every girl was handed a certificate for shopping in the fashion store and had professional photo shoots at the studio.

It was a really incredible holiday! So many thankful words for a such lovely day to our male colleagues! Men of the JazzTeam, you are the best!