On the 16th of March 2015 founder and ideological inspirer of the JazzTeam Company gave “Management of IT product development” master class for the students of BSUIR.

The Business Projects Incubator was established on the basis of BSUIR. It’s an university division, which helps to evolve new IT projects and companies. This program supports young entrepreneurs of incubator and allows projects authors to get free of charge business and law consultations.

Today, Dmitry is a company owner and a successful entrepreneur who has experience in developing its own IT product. He graduated from BSUIR and also as the current fifth-year students, also finishing university and thought about creating his business and thus he understands the importance of such meetings.

The information on how to develop your own product was very interesting for students as in the audience, were no empty seats. The guys were actively involved in the discussion and asked many questions, together tried to find a solution for the simulated work (during product development) situation. Dmitry told about Agile philosophy and modern project management methodology SCRUM, also about the possible roles, tools, and principles of Agile software development.

JazzTeam Company is always open for dialogue and ready to share its experience.

We wish all today’s students and budding entrepreneurs’ good luck and success in business development!