For many years JazzTeam is happy to organize various team building events for employees. This year was no exception. While everyone in the country enjoyed the sun and great weather, JazzTeam co-workers successfully climb mountain slopes and set speed records on karting.

This Saturday day started with a climbing wall. After dividing into teams, everyone felt like Sylvester Stallone from “Cliffhanger” and began to conquer the slopes of the climbing wall. A special drive was added by the “Trust test”, the person has to fall backward from the height of several meters, trusting that the teammates catch him before he hits the floor. At this stage, everyone knew exactly: in JazzTeam you can trust everyone!

Having managed with the mountains, the company moved to the cafe to deal with pizza and pancakes. Regained strength for the next stage, JazzTeam changed the location to the already familiar karting club. There the rock climbers changed their style from Sylvester Stallone to Vin Diesel and made a real hurricane on the track. Mad speed, desire to become a leader and competitive spirit did part: it was so cool that most employees, sitting in the office on comfortable chairs, still remember this inexpressible sense of speed.

After driving enough, JazzTeam moved to the final location – the estate. It was the icing on the cake after such an active day. Everyone found themselves in a calm and very emotional place, where everyone, after a lavish banquet, could choose an activity he likes: pool, table tennis, a bathhouse, dancing to fantastic music and the voice of Alexandra Pavlyukevich.

It’s always pleasant when the company appreciates its employees, and JazzTeam does it the best!