Hello, dear friends!

I’m glad to inform you that our team of professionals successfully completed work on another project named “Mule application: proxy for customer’s internal systems integration with external services”

The main goal of the project was to develop proxy using Mule technology. This proxy is used for integration of customer internal system and external service.

The application receives the SOAP requests from internal system or external service, processes them and forwards to the recipient. The app allows safely exchanging messages between two systems. And it does not require any changes in the integrable services.

The following mechanisms were used on the project:

  • validation of SOAP messages;
  • authentication according to WS-Security specification;
  • convert of the message to the desired format.

The objectives of our team was to realize Mule-application, integrate its work with other systems, test and provide the customer with a fully finished product.

Project features, company’s achievements during the project and project results you can easily find here: https://jazzteam.org/portfolio/integration-proxy/

Do not forget to read our customers feedback on JazzTeam engineers work on the other different projects! ;)