Hello, dear friends!

We are glad to inform you that we’ve published the description of “Integration of the Distribution Management System with ERP systems of regional distributors project, which we successfully continue to work on.

In view of the increasing distribution network of a large goods supplier, the task was to integrate the internal end-to-end management system of the regional distribution markets (Distribution management system – DMS) with ERP systems of worldwide distributors for a more rapid and less costly way of exchanging information. Further expansion of the distributors network was taken into account while designing and developing. This allows integrating ERP of new network participants with the DMS vendor with minimal costs.

MuleESB (Enterprise Service Bus) was chosen as a platform for the integration system, it allows combining various existing information systems of the supplier. The integration system was deployed in a cloud on the CloudHub platform. The REST API architectural style was used to avoid restricting with specific data transfer protocols.

JazzTeam engineers were part of the distributed team and took an active part in the decision-making stages, direct development, application implementation, and technical support.

Project features, company’s achievements during the project and project results you can easily find here: https://jazzteam.org/portfolio/integration-of-distribution-management-system-with-regional-distributors-erp-systems/.

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