If you have any ideas or hypotheses requiring confirmation of their feasibility, we can help you check them and carry out the full R&D cycle:

  • Conducting #research and selecting the right option for solutions.
  • Creating work #prototypes.
  • Analyzing the results obtained and starting the cycle again.

According to this principle, for one of our customer, we checked his concepts (#PoC) and after that implemented the components of the #IoT platform for the cloud:

  • ‘SNMP agent’, which enables connection to the cloud telecommunication platform via the SNMP protocol.
  • ‘Protocol Converter’, which was designed for the standardized exchange of energy metering devices readings’ data (water and electricity) with external applications.
  • The prototype of the ‘Module for re-requesting missing meter readings’.

These components are the base point for many further architectural and technological solutions. You can find more details here: https://jazzteam.org/portfolio/development-of-cloud-iot-platform-components-for-energy-resources-accounting-and-management-of-energy-meters/