• We designed the atypical architecture of the system frontend part.
  • Developed prototypes of several additional vertical solutions.
  • Created the set of visual interfaces for the system.
  • Transferred from #VueJS to #React.
  • Made the research and code refactoring.

And all this with the big forces of the small team!

The product is a scalable single platform for the integration of IoT devices. This solution ensures convenient management of distributed IoT devices and implements secure data storage in a form that can be used for subsequent analysis. The web interface supports displaying a million of devices and hundreds of thousands of users online.

The front-end of the system is implemented using the React framework in conjunction with the MobX library. Interaction with the back-end is carried out using AJAX asynchronous calls and WebSocket protocol in JSON format, which allows displaying up-to-date and accurate data of integrated devices. Vertical solutions layout design is implemented using Pixel Perfect technique and BEM methodology.

Please refer to the link below for more details!