Test Automation is one of our company’s key services, in which we have accumulated wide expertise. JazzTeam’s knowledge base in this field of knowledge is really extensive: more than 10 years of experience, dozens of developed frameworks, complex projects in the field of science, Internet of Things (IoT) and e-commerce.

The importance of automated testing for IT projects cannot be overestimated. With proper process organization and well-prepared tests, you can significantly reduce the cost and time spent on testing, safely make changes to the product, thereby ensuring its scalability, stability and short payback period.

To summarize our experience, we have prepared the article about the benefits and specifics of Test Automation in our company. This article talks about the stages and features of JazzTeam’s Test Automation services, answers the most common questions in this knowledge area, and explains which technologies and approaches we consider the most effective. Also in the article you will find several interesting project cases with automated testing that our specialists have encountered in practice.