“Subbotni4ek” was once again held on May, 21 in Soligorsk. The purpose of this wonderful event was to make our city better, to clear the “Path of Health” from garbage in order to the residents and guests of the city could spend their time with pleasure there. “Path of Health”, located in the forest, is a favorite place for walks and sports activities of Soligorsk residents. “Subbotni4ek” was crowded and full of joyfulness. People came to spend this day productively, to communicate, to get positive emotions. By common efforts the new bins, benches, signs, navigation stands were installed. During the work a huge trailer was filled with collected garbage.

JazzTeam employees constantly and with great pleasure took part in such useful for the city social projects. JazzTeam has helped both with deeds and money: purchased some equipment for the accomplishment of “Path of Health”, which made this place much more comfortable.

After good work followed active outdoor games, yoga, zumba-fitness, performance of musicians, jousting battles, Nordic walking, ultimate, archery, cheerful animator for children.
That day everyone was in good and blissful mood.