High quality software and competent testing are the basis of our work. We strive not only to meet our customers’ expectations, but also to exceed them. That is why constant training, monitoring of trends, exploring new approaches and introducing the most successful ones in our work is a priority for us.

SQA Days conference was held оn November 15th and 16th, 2019, the 26th. More than 50 speakers from different cities all over the globe spoke. There were speakers from Paris, Tel Aviv, Berlin and others.

The conference “Software Quality Assurance Days” is devoted to the topic of competent testing and improving the software quality, and in addition, it is one of the main events of this topic in Eastern Europe and No.1 in CIS countries. JazzTeam was an honorary participant and the silver partner of the event.

One of the most striking reports that were noted by those present was: “Test strategies, analytical testing and other issues” by Erik van Veenendaal from the Netherlands, “The thorny path of searching for causes of bugs in web applications” by Anna Falileev and “We need more managers! ..” by Askar Ayupov.

The conference days were saturated not only with professional initiatives, but also with entertaining activities. JazzTeam company was distinguished by an original approach to pastime, since we know firsthand what is needed by IT specialists. JazzTeam offered some of the most sought-after joys for testers.

The first gift was a massage of the collar zone by a highly qualified specialist who inspires confidence even with his appearance. Everyone lined up to try it and after massage it was clear that in a few minutes the guys got an absolute recharge of the body and were able to relax.

The second gift from JazzTeam was a pleasure for soul, or to be more precise, musical pleasure. The acoustic band invited by the company consisted of 3 stringed instruments: violin, guitar and contrabass, which were masterfully used by the musicians, living every note in the melody. Famous compositions were sounded in the original performance and author’s interpretation: soundtracks of famous films, world jazz hits and unusual processing of popular hits.

And the main gift from JazzTeam was 2 tickets in the stalls to the concert of Glenn Miller’s Orchestra! A long awaited event for all lovers of good quality music. To win, it was needed to fill out a questionnaire at JazzTeam counter, answer 4 questions, that would be simple for any tester, and believe in success. The winner was a specialist in automated testing who began to believe in luck even more from that very moment!

And with JazzTeam luck gets closer!