Business Articles For IT Founders and C-Level Managers

JazzTeam’s Test Automation Best Practices

    Test automation is a critical and integral part of Continuous Integration and allows you to stabilize your product while saving time and spending on quality testing. It is the most efficient way to detect bottlenecks on any software lifecycle stage..

    What is Software Development by JazzTeam

      JazzTeam provides a high-level service for creating IT solutions. Working on major customer business challenges, we take a comprehensive approach to issues related to development, testing, management, and CI/CD implementation. The time-tested model of services rendering combined with the excellent..

      How do you know if your project is in danger

        Specially for our clients, we have prepared a checklist that will help you to determine if your project is in danger and provide a clear quantitative assessment of the complexity of the situation. In the process of creating this document,..

        Guidelines for the retrospective facilitator

          This article is intended primarily for retrospective facilitators. The guidelines describe the mechanics of a retrospective and lay important emphases on the controllability of the overall dynamics of a retrospective and its goals. A retrospective should have certain boundaries set..