Specially for our clients, we have prepared a checklist that will help you to determine if your project is in danger and provide a clear quantitative assessment of the complexity of the situation.

In the process of creating this document, we applied many years of our experience in managing, coordinating, supervising and consulting on more than 100 IT projects. Every checklist item is a reflection of the most common challenges I have seen in the development teams during my consulting practice.

Moreover, the checklist contains a large number of practical tips: this will help you move forward in solving problems on your own.

You can find the checklist at the following link: https://jazzteam.org/wp-content/uploads/how-do-you-know-if-your-project-is-in-danger.pdf

How to work with the checklist?

In the checklist you will find detailed descriptions of the various types of dangers and risks that can affect a project. Each checklist item is assigned a specific score. To assess the danger degree, you need to rate each risk on your project.

The next step is calculation of the score amount (you can do this in the specially prepared table or on your own, focusing on the maximum score for each risk).

Check list

How to work with the table for automatic scoring?

The table is presented in read mode in a spreadsheet file. If you use a google account, please open the spreadsheet, select the menu item File > Make a copy. Then you will be able to calculate the scores in your own copy of the table. If you do not use a google account, you should download the spreadsheet to your device. To do this, you should select the menu item File > Download > Microsoft Excel.

We are sure that, relying on the comments and advice from this checklist, you will be able to make serious progress in solving challenges you faced on your project. To get the truthful result I’d like to ask you to be absolutely sincere and try to answer honestly. After you get the scoring result and see what the cause of the encountered difficulties is, you can start figuring out the technical terminology and communicating with the development team on the regular basis.

Of course, changes can take from several months to a half of the year, because almost all the problems listed in the checklist are somehow related to the company’s culture. And this culture does not become established by mere wish or command. It will take a lot of time, but the results will be very tangible.

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