JazzTeam presentation and Test Automation case

Agile Engineering Services.
With focus on Java, JavaScript, Test Automation, CI/CD


JazzTeam is an international IT service company (headquartered in Lithuania) with streamlined processes and developed culture, aimed at long-term cooperation with customers. The company has been supplying high-tech IT solutions for the European and US markets since 2011. More than 100 projects have been completed over this time.


Software Development

JazzTeam provides a high-level service for the development, customization, modernization, and integration of IT products. Within the development service, we deeply analyze the product architecture and effectively solve technological problems. Our expertise is based on Java backend development. However, in order to be a reliable partner and comprehensively solve customer’s issues, we also provide services for Frontend development, Test Automation and Manual Testing, Project Management, and implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

Test Automation

JazzTeam applies Test Automation to all projects it runs – it’s part of our culture and technological values. We focus on an efficient working bundle of engineering mind when creating automated tests, expert level of CI/CD, and professional test management. Having gained experience and deep expertise, we have developed our own Test Automation platform – XML2Selenium.


Focusing on a specific goal, we always achieve the desired result, which is facilitated by our well-established processes and strong management. We adhere to the effective management culture, relying on the principles of openness, empathy, and proactivity. We apply Scrum as a means of project management. Usually, we work on the T&M projects, using short (1-2 weeks) iterations, with the active participation of customers. Thanks to this approach, the JazzTeam engineers always complete projects on time.



Well-proven service delivery model, combined with the excellent technological level of employees and professional management allow us to deliver complex projects within budget and time.

Here are some projects that were successfully implemented by JazzTeam:

  1. Development of cloud IoT platform components for energy resources accounting and management of energy meters
  2. Integration of the Distribution Management System with ERP systems of regional distributors
  3. The accounting system of logical resources for mobile operator
  4. BIG DATA reporting system
  5. Testing of the company procurement management system

Please see other projects on our website.

Moreover, you can find below an example of the Test Automation project for one of our customers with whom we have been efficiently cooperating for more than 7 years. Within the project, the QA process was significantly improved, the stability of product releases was increased, and CI was implemented.

Automated testing web application related to Geofence Marketing

Customer: The leading provider of innovative mobile solutions for the casino gaming industry, California, USA (NDA).

Chalenge: To increase the depth and scope of tests to help improve software quality. To cover web application with Selenium automated tests. To implement tools for performance improvement of automated tests.

Project summary: With the help of Geofencing this application allows to attract potential buyers, located in a given radius from the object, and thus the business owner can get more benefit. Geofencing is a contemporary service that provides automatic detection and implementation of the planned action when the client’s mobile device enters or leaves a predesignated area.

The client creates an account in the application and when he/she enters a particular area (shopping centers, restaurants, casinos, etc.), he/she gets advertising content messages on his smartphone or tablet. All you need for sending/receiving such messages is a mobile application and GPS coordinates of the client’s mobile device.


Project results:


Michael O’Meara, Vice President, Infoview Systems Inc, the development of integration projects, helping clients to embed innovative services and systems into existing mainframe-based enterprise solutions, Livonia, USA.

We partnered with JazzTeam to expand our offshore team which allowed us to enhance our service offerings to our customers globally.

Beginning with an initial project we were pleased with their efficient processes, good management, and high level of technical expertise they brought to the overall customer experience.

Daily stand-up meeting on projects with open communication allows us to stay on track, and keeps all team members updated on the current circumstances of the project. The approach allows us to predict risks and manage them, and when necessary react fast to various situations that may arise. Their team works cohesively with our global team, providing successful project execution. I can recommend this company as a reliable partner in the area of software development.


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