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About JazzTeam

JazzTeam is an innovative company founded by expert specialists with experience in international projects. We are a team of software developers, providing essential software solutions and rendering professional information technology services. Our main focus is Java. We constantly use Agile in software development. Read more

With long-term experiences in dealing with challenges, we strive for solving them in the best way. We are ready to find and correct others’ mistakes and try to rescue even hopeless projects and situations. We aren’t afraid to take responsibility but always have in mind possible risks.

We practice short iterations and constantly demo results to customers. That’s why our customers always understand project statuses and get results quickly! View JazzTeam profile

JazzTeam is a member of Belarus Hi-Tech Park, one of the leading organization among innovative IT clusters in Central and Eastern Europe today.

Only useful, targeted solutions. No nonsense.


  • Bram Cool
    We now are in a much better position and detect bugs before our customers find them. The test automation frees our testers to focus on other quality aspects and new functionality. As a result, we offer our customers an even higher level of quality and stability of service.
    Bram Cool, CEO, Ezwim, the European market leader for Telecom Management Technology, Netherlands
  • Friedrich-Boeckh
    JazzTeam participated in innovative project I was supervising. A team shown high professional level in a matter of architectural design, Agile processes, unit testing and involvment at the project. You could trust JazzTeam engineers, rely on them and could expect high quality provided by Java experts.
    Friedrich Boeckh, Managing Director, Infopulse GmbH, Information Technology and Services, Germany
  • Peter Reitsma
    I had the privilege of working with some of JazzTeam's software engineers, both from remote as well as in their office in Soligorsk. I was impressed by their professionality and high standards of Java software development. They practice 100% Scrum, work with continuous integration and delivery and use all the right tools. I was particularly impressed by their work attitude, keen problem solving and, not in the least, by their great team spirit.
    Peter Reitsma, CEO, Plance, Web Development and Concepts, Netherlands
  • Andrey Ratkevich
    We have enjoyed the work with JazzTeam company. The main focus was on the development of new functionalities for our complex billing system of accounting rendered multimedia services. JazzTeam provides a clear, constructive and qualified work of developers, adequate management, transparency and efficiency. In the conditions of remote work and distributed team JazzTeam engineers were able to interact with all parties on the project successfully...
    Andrey Ratkevich, R&D Director, EffectiveSoft, Software development company, the resident of High Technology Park, Minsk, Belarus
  • Dzianis Pomazau
    With JazzTeam company we started develop the project based on GPS technologies, devices and specialized geolocation servers. JazzTeam team showed good R&D ability to develop and implement a mathematical approximation algorithm of geographic areas drawn on the maps. It was a nontrivial task and could cause high risks, but all tasks have been implemented on time or ahead of schedule...
    Dzianis Pomazau, CEO, IDC Intech, Software development company, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Boris Mamonenko
    Zmicer is very easy going, inventive and great to work with. His team (Jazzteam) worked with a very complicated technically research project. He showed himself as a high-skilled Java developer and an incredibly talented manager. He never says "NO", but "Give me some time and I will tell you how to do it". Many Thanks!
    Boris Mamonenko, CEO, EleganceIt, Information Technology and Services, Belarus

Recent projects

Under the leadership of our general contractors JazzTeam (or our current employees as a part of other companies) have worked for companies such as