Streamlining Bicycle Purchase Process and Eliminating System Discrepancy for a Major Retailer

Streamlining Bicycle Purchase Process and Eliminating System Discrepancy for a Major Retailer

A prominent B2B and B2C bicycle manufacturer and retailer sought to streamline its operations by integrating various systems such as CRM, PIM, ERP, and e-Commerce into a unified platform. To address these issues, JazzTeam employed MuleESB integration to deliver a robust solution tailored to the company’s unique requirements.


The challenge was to establish a cohesive business logic across these systems while ensuring smooth data exchange and minimizing manual processes.The company also faced challenges stemming from disparate systems, manual order processing, and the need for real-time data exchange:

  • Disparate Systems: The company managed multiple systems (CRM, PIM, ERP, and e-commerce) independently, leading to data inconsistencies and operational inefficiencies.
  • Manual Order Processing: The bicycle purchase process involved time-consuming manual steps, resulting in delays and potential errors.
  • Real-time Data Exchange: The company required a mechanism for real-time data exchange across all systems to ensure accurate inventory management and rapid decision-making.


To connect the disparate systems, JazzTeam devised a comprehensive Mulesoft integration solution. It facilitated seamless data exchange among the systems, automating the entire supply chain workflow. Previously, the process relied heavily on manual intervention, where managers manually handled orders, searched for products in dealer or manufacturer inventories, and communicated with customers. A new solution introduced real-time automation, enabling customers to access a unified website where they could find products, view availability, delivery timelines, discounts, additional services, warranties, and place orders. The system automatically processed these orders for execution.

Our solution catered to markets in multiple locations. Each market system had its own unique data formats, data volumes, communication protocols, and database systems. JazzTeam leveraged Mule’s capabilities to transform data, ensuring compatibility with the client’s business logic. This involved converting data formats for different communication protocols such as JSON for REST APIs, XML for web services, and CSV for file exchange via SFTP.

To maintain data accuracy across systems, JazzTeam engineering team implemented real-time data migration. Any changes made in one system, like order placements, were instantly reflected across all interconnected systems according to the business logic. Throughout the order’s lifecycle, any status changes triggered notifications to the system, which were logged, sent to the CRM, and communicated to the customer. Mule’s VM message queueing connector ensured reliable order handling.

Another interesting flow involved migrating product data from the PIM system to the website. Previously, the PIM system stored comprehensive product information, including characteristics, but was isolated from the external world. Mule was tasked with synchronizing the PIM system with the website. Once a day, Mule retrieved data, including high-quality images and videos, from the PIM database, structured it for website comprehension, and pushed it to the site.

A few more of solution’s highlights include:
  • Seamless Integration: Leveraging MuleESB, JazzTeam integrated the company’s CRM, PIM, ERP, and e-commerce systems into a unified platform, promoting data consistency and harmonizing their operations.
  • Automated Purchase Process: We designed a streamlined bicycle purchase process that automated order processing, from customer request to order fulfillment. The system dynamically checked bicycle availability, calculated costs, applied discounts and promotions, factored in dealer expenses and delivery charges, and presented the final quote to the customer for approval.
  • Real-time Data Synchronization: Through MuleESB’s capabilities, we established a continuous data exchange mechanism, ensuring real-time synchronization of data across all systems. Any updates made in one system immediately reflected in others, enhancing operational agility and accuracy.


By leveraging Mule’s capabilities, JazzTeam successfully addressed the client’s primary objective of automating the bicycle purchasing process and establishing uninterrupted data exchange among internal systems.

JazzTeam’s successful collaboration with the bicycle manufacturer and retailer exemplifies how MuleESB integration can revolutionize business operations. By unifying disparate systems, automating the purchase process, and enabling real-time data exchange, the company achieved enhanced efficiency, improved customer experiences, and a competitive edge in the market.

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