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The concept of continuous integration and delivery is one of the key practices that our company has been strictly adhering to for more than 10 years. Introducing CI/CD, we improve the technological side of a product and contribute to the optimization and improvement of processes on projects. Over the years, we have become convinced of the effectiveness of this practice and strive to transfer this knowledge to our customers. Experience shows that the earlier you invest in CI/CD implementation, the more money, time and effort you can save. Furthermore, the first significant results of the transition to this practice will be achieved just in a few months.

Why should you consider implementing CI/CD right now?

We implement CI/CD iteratively and painlessly, effectively overcoming learned helplessness and possible resistance of teams. We implement the full Continuous Integration cycle with Jenkins/Hudson (and any other CI/CD tools) and automate project building with Maven. If necessary, we use Docker and other container technologies for deployment automation.

We have expertise in the following areas of work related to CI/CD implementation:

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