Team Augmentation for Interior Design Portal Frontend Development

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Industries: E-Commerce
  • Services: Frontend Development
  • Software Categories and Types: B2C Solutions; Websites and Portals
  • IT Architecture Paradigms and Approaches: Data Driven Testing (DDT); Architectural Patterns
  • Technical Expertise: Web Development
  • DevOps Expertise: Advanced build organization
  • Technologies: Git; Safari; Node.JS; Operating Systems; Frontend; BitBucket (Stash); CSS; TypeScript; Next.js; Chakra UI; JavaScript; MacOS; Backend; JavaScript Libraries; CSS Frameworks; Test Automation; Source Code Management (SCM); Jest; Axios; Software Engineering and Management Tools; Other Technologies; i18next
  • Team size (3):
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 2 Frontend

Project summary


The project involves the creation of a new version of the corporate web portal of a company engaged in the production and sale of products for interior design. The web portal includes an online store, an online designer, training courses for those who want to learn creating interior design projects, automation of interaction between dealers, architects and end customers of products. A motivational loyalty system was developed. It allows all users to earn in-store points through an active use of the portal services that can be spent for additional goods. The interface has multilingual support in three languages: Dutch, English, and French.

Technical description of the project

The application was developed using popular Next.js framework, which provides such React-based web application functions as server-side rendering and static web page creation, as well as active use of the Chakra UI component library. Typescript language, as well as modern approaches and class coverage of all entities were used for development. Interactive communication with the backend part is implemented in the system interface. For this purpose, asynchronous queries are used, for example, uploading new data into a table, uploading project data. The frontend part of the application was covered by snapshot and Unit tests. Multilingual support was implemented using the i18next framework.

JazzTeam responsibilities

JazzTeam responsibilities included participating in the development of portal visual interfaces, as well as writing automated tests for the frontend part of the application. We created and expanded the functional components of the application to ensure more flexibility for the work of developers in the future and usability.

Technologies used

Programming languages: Typescript.

Frameworks, libraries: Next.js, Chakra UI, Jest, Axios, i18next.

Infrastructure: Git, Bitbucket CI/CD.

Project features

One of the main features of the project was a great emphasis on the quality of delivery of the developed functionality by the developer, since the functionality check was carried out only by the product owners without applying the classical approach that presupposes preliminary testing by the QA team. On the one hand, the developer needed to thoroughly test its own functionality, thus performing the role of a QA engineer. On the other hand, this accelerated the delivery of the product to end users. The development was carried out by a small international team using the Kanban methodology with frequent releases at production intervals of 1-2 weeks.

Much emphasis was placed on its scalability, load resistance, adherence to the principles of the OOD, and easy support for future developers. The project was developed using the latest frameworks and libraries for the development of web applications. Much attention was paid to writing automated tests.

Project results

  • The project is under active development. Our team was involved in the development of the first version of the portal, where such features as a user control panel, a design academy, a project management system for interior architects and the interface of the store selling for points were developed.
  • The first version of the product successfully passed beta testing and is actively used by the customer and its clients.

Company’s achievements on the project

  • Quick dive into the subject area and technical details of the project in a very short time.
  • Work with a wide stack of frameworks and technologies.
  • Scenarios of test cases for writing automated UI tests were developed.

Clients about cooperation with JazzTeam

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