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We develop and optimize various IT solutions for specific customer needs. It results in process improvement and higher business efficiency. Since its creation, our company has been specializing in Java backend development. However, in order to be a reliable partner for our customers and approach project tasks in their entirety, we provide both backend and frontend development services.

Front End and Back End Development

Front End and Back End Development

Backend Development

For more than 10 years JazzTeam has been focused on Java technology. One of our greatest strengths is server Java development. We create different types of Java solutions for a wide variety of application servers and execution environments. While developing different software types we rely on OOP, design patterns, recognized architectural paradigms and approaches, which allows us to ensure a high level of reuse of created modules. In addition, our engineers have expertise in creating projects in the plugin paradigm. Also, we apply best practices and approaches to development and testing: Model Driven Development, Test Driven Development, Data Driven Testing. Adhering to engineering standards and approaches, we have extensive experience in building the architecture of various software types.

Due to the engineering approach, we professionally refactor a complex, hard-to-maintain code and ensure a high level of reusable components. All this allows reducing the cost of product support and involvement of new specialists in a project.

Our competences in Java development

Comprehensive and systematic knowledge of Java technology:

Comprehensive and systematic knowledge of Java technology

  • Deep understanding of OOP principles; constant use of a variety of pattern types, including integration ones.
  • Deep knowledge of various aspects of JSE and JEE, practical experience with JMS, EJB, JPA, JTA, etc., which allows combining innovations with the fundamentals of Java technology.
  • Creation of different types of Java solutions for a wide variety of runtimes, application servers, and runtime environments: console services, desktop programs, microservices, cloud solutions, Spring, J2SE, J2EE, SOA, OSGi applications, etc.
  • High expertise in Reflection API, aspect programming (AspectJ, Spring AOP). Extensive work experience with complex 3rd party tools – javassist, asm, etc. All of this allows us to design more advanced frameworks and systems.
  • Proficiency in a full range of automation testing tools – JUnit, TestNG, mock frameworks, and many more.
  • Comprehensive experience in profiling and combating memory leaks.

Wide range of working tools and frameworks:

Wide range of working tools and frameworks

  • Excellent knowledge of most top-rated frameworks (web and general purpose), including Spring MVC, GWT, Vaadin, Grails, Play, Akka, Seam, Struts, Apache Spark.
  • Proficiency in all important components of Spring technology — MVC, Security, Cloud, Boot, Integration, Roo, Batch, WebServices, Social, AMQP, AOP.
  • Intensive use of other popular frameworks and libraries, such as Hibernate, RabbitMQ, Apache Camel, Drools, Apache Karaf, Apache Zookeeper, Apache CXF, Apache Felix.
  • Experience in creating our own Java-based frameworks, practical experience in extensible plugin development.

We are not limited to only server-side technology and actively apply other programming languages. Constantly using Java to create backends and integration solutions, we have experience in building backends in Node.js, frequently use Groovy (both for scripting and for creating complete backends), as well as Kotlin. We are proficient in technologies historically associated with the Java ecosystem (XML, XSLT, XSD).

We are experienced in creating backends for the following software types:

  • Integration solutions;
  • Web and desktop applications;
  • Cloud solutions;
  • Microservices;
  • Mobile apps.

Our team is competent in developing IT solutions for various business domains. Including:

  • The most sophisticated systems in IoT and science;
  • Process automation solutions;
  • CRM, CMS systems;
  • Various search services;
  • Social networks;
  • Payment systems.

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Frontend Development

JazzTeam professionally uses JavaScript and related web technologies: HTML5/JS/CSS, AngularJS, ReactJS, Redux. Our frontend developers learn OOP and design patterns. When building the client-side logic in JavaScript, they use architecture and pattern-based thinking from the world of Java. Applying JS frameworks (AngularJS, ReactJS, etc.), they deeply understand how they function. They study the source code of popular Open Source solutions and repeat best practices when writing their own frameworks, which they create in an extensible OOP style following Java standards.

Our strengths in frontend development:

Our strengths in frontend development

  • Working with popular JavaScript frameworks (AngularJS, ExtJS, EmberJS, VueJS, ReactJS).
  • Developing UI for different systems based on MVC pattern.
  • Creating cross-platform web applications with adaptive and extensible architecture.
  • Ensuring a high percentage of JavaScript code coverage with Unit tests.
  • Constantly striving to apply modern approaches and trends in frontend development:
  • applying the JAMstack approach;
  • developing progressive web applications (PWA);
  • using the GraphQL technology.
  • Ensuring high quality of applications by using various test automation tools (Karma, Jasmine and others).
  • Using static site generators (Next, Nuxt, Gatsby, Gridsome).

With our extensive experience, we often act as consultants for improving the application frontend part for the customer’s team. Our specialists can solve problems related to the compatibility of application components with different browsers, and advise on the efficient refactoring of legacy code.

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