The keystones of our philosophy


A measure of the working day. A compulsory outcome. We are focused on specifics. We strive to get a clear idea of the task requirements and an accurate vision of the conditions and criteria to fulfill it.


Programming is an engineering. Not just coding. Engineering is a serious process where maturity plays main role.


The most important – it shows whether our vision coincides with the reality. In terms of dates, estimations, expectations. Realistic attitude is associated with the result-oriented approach. Sometimes our false ego can prevent us from taking a realistic view of things, and our fears may hinder us from understanding clearly the demands of the manager.


Prevent stagnation and deadlocks in personal development. Ensure increase of the team’s added value. Demonstrate how creative the team is.

Brainwork development

Not to work mechanically but consciously. To see the causes. Clearly, accurately, positively comprehend the task, the project. You are not wizards, you are engineers. Never get discouraged about the project, fear not. Do one’s best to keep fair reasoning during the project.


As an indicator of being able to put oneself in others’ place and ask the right questions. As a measure of the wish to progress with the project. As an explicit respect toward the colleagues, releasing them from the need to remind you obvious things.


Only a harmonious team can develop challenging, gear, complex, high-technology, software systems. A project is entrusted to the team, not a single developer. In the long run, individual difficulties become a shared problem. Team work means friendliness, compassion, mutual respect, solidarity, support.


Work is a grace and not a selfdom. Positive approach toward work and one’s responsibilities. In the long run any activity started with a positive mental attitude is of benefit. In our case, it is of benefit to our clients.


Making progress in private life determines progress in professional life. And vice versa! Personal character features reflect on your working profile. Evolve. Don’t strive to get all at once. Focus on self-development. Think about your long-term prospects.


For ourselves. For the client. For the team. The measure of awareness and understanding of the ultimate goals.


Is created before the coding starts. It is a very important investment. As if your house’s foundation. We are always aware of the reasons for our solutions and can provide a rational explanation. We can explain sophisticated things in a simple way.


We don’t have anything to fear. We believe that sincerity helps a person to be integrate, unselfish, dauntless, happier.


Is an indicator of maturity of a team member. Maturity allows pursuing common goals rather than personal interest only, respecting and caring for the colleagues rather than oneself.


Is a sign of respect, absence of eyewash and ambiguity in programming. It isn’t easy to remain informal in communication while treating one’s project responsibilities seriously.


But not extensity. Quality and innovations in the software industry help to win in the quantity as the final result. Tightly connected with the architecture.


Keeping in mind realistic attitude. Sheer creativity can lead to the best venture’s failure, while rational thinking and realism help to reach the goal.


Research & Development – investments in study, education, innovations, research, future.

Keen interest

To live, work, study, code in an entertaining way, enjoying things you do.

Jazz Funk Swing

Gaily, with plenty of zing, joyfully.


As the reflection of the modern world. Mobility of the team, of the development venue, of the tools applied. In the spirit of Funk and Agile.

English: talk & write

Focus on the English-speaking world.

Training: study & teach

Transfer of experience to the other people. Learning from others’ experience. Investing into the future. Developing communicative skills and effective knowledge and experience sharing.