Vacancy Senior Java Developer

JazzTeam is an international IT service company with offices in the Netherlands and Lithuania. Our project management standards are based on Agile software development methodologies. The technical competence of the company is founded on Java technology and the principles of eXtreme Programming (Continuous Integration, TDD, DDT, pair programming). JazzTeam’s culture and approach to development is reflected in the Agile Java Development slogan. 

We cooperate with large companies and startups from Europe and the USA. Our clients include the leaders of the European telecommunications market, companies providing Ecommerce and marketing solutions, innovative organizations creating the most sophisticated products in the field of science and Internet of Things. We are experts in Enterprise development, creation of integration solutions and systems for business process automation. 

In our work, we rely on the following approaches and standards:

  • Engineering, value-based approach to development (engineering, not coding).
  • Focus on Java technology.
  • Implementation of CI/CD on all projects.
  • Applying the best practices of development and testing.
  • Strong management and structured, transparent processes.
  • Proactivity and empathy.
  • Continuous improvement and training. 

We will be glad to see a Senior Java Developer in our team to work on commercial and consulting projects for the US and European customers, and to develop our own products.


  • Java development with the obligatory coverage of the written code with Unit tests.
  • Designing architectures for various products using UML, prototyping.
  • Maintaining the company’s quality standards, including the use of Test Driven Development, Data Driven Testing.
  • Participation in research projects as an R&D engineer. Including mastering new technologies and approaches.
  • Participation in the logistics of the Continuous Integration and product delivery (CI/CD) process.
  • Regular interaction with teams of Test Automation engineers, DevOps engineers. Collaboration with the CTO to address architectural issues and determine the strategy for the development of the technological side of projects.
  • Participation in Agile/Scrum/XP processes of the company: stand-ups, sprint planning, demo; pair programming, code review.
  • Discussion of project solutions directly with English-speaking customers.
  • Transfer and maintenance of the company’s Java experience: creation of reference projects and manuals, training of engineers; optional – mentoring of Trainee/Junior specialists of the company, conducting technical interviews. 


  • At least 3 years of experience in developing commercial projects in Java. Practical experience with JMS (or any MQ/ESB framework), JPA (or Hibernate). Good knowledge of one of the popular MVC frameworks.
  • Great code style: loosely coupled, component, modular code, small methods and classes.
  • Knowledge of English from B1 (Intermediate) and above.
  • Higher technical education.
  • Deep knowledge and work experience in:
  • Core Java, J2SE and J2EE;
  • OOP, Test Driven Development;
  • Data structures, algorithms and design patterns;
  • Databases (RDBMS, NoSQL).
  • Strong CI/CD mindset and hands-on experience in it.
  • Ability to create various Unit tests and maintain the code coverage by these tests at a high level. Experience in creating integration tests.
  • Strong knowledge of GIT.
  • Knowledge of the basics of software containerization, experience with Docker. 

Will be a plus:

  • Experience in designing, developing frameworks or reusable components.
  • Deep understanding of Web development basics (JavaScript/AJAX, HTML5, CSS, jQuery).
  • Strong knowledge of Java Reflection.
  • Knowledge of enterprise and integration patterns.
  • Experience in implementing integration solutions using Mule ESB/Apache Camel/ any other framework.
  • Hands-on experience with smart refactoring.
  • Experience in problem solving on projects, profiling and load testing of applications. 
  • Troubleshooting, profiling and debugging applications.

Personal skills:

  • Proactivity, initiative, result-oriented.
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills, good team player.
  • Strong analytical skills and creative mindset.
  • Responsibility, pragmatism, decency.
  • Ability to make informed decisions in difficult situations. 


  • The possibility to work remotely or a comfortable workplace in our cozy office in the center.
  • European management style, transparency of communications and the absence of bureaucracy.
  • Diverse tasks and projects: we are not only engaged in custom development, but we also consult and create our own IT products.
  • Opportunities for horizontal and vertical growth in the company: you can become a team leader, a mentor or an architect.
  • Working in an Agile/Scrum/XP environment without overtimes.
  • Full benefits package. 

We sincerely believe that you will achieve success in professional and personal development  together with us, JazzTeam crew! You can find out why it is worth joining our company here.

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