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The concept of continuous integration and delivery is one of the key practices that our company has been strictly adhering to for more than 10 years. Introducing CI/CD, we improve the technological side of a product and contribute to the optimization and improvement of processes on projects. Over the years, we have become convinced of the effectiveness of this practice and strive to transfer this knowledge to our customers. Experience shows that the earlier you invest in CI/CD implementation, the more money, time and effort you can save. Furthermore, the first significant results of the transition to this practice will be achieved just in a few months.

Why should you consider implementing CI/CD right now?

  • Timely implementation of CI/CD ensures predictability and stability of product functioning and reduces the cost of its further support. With continuous integration and delivery setup, developer-written modules are immediately built into the system and pass daily testing (Unit, integration, and regression testing), which makes it possible to arrange regular deliveries being absolutely confident of the high quality of product versions.
  • Thanks to CI/CD, bugs are systematically detected at an early stage of development, which significantly reduces serious risks for the customer. Among other things, continuous integration and delivery helps to avoid reputational and financial losses resulting from bugs after the product is delivered to production.
  • CI/CD allows for the rapid implementation of business functions that can be used by the customer while product development continues. It is achieved by frequent commits, instant autotesting, and regular deliveries provided by this practice. Customers can check the effectiveness of the implemented solution much faster, which helps to save the budget and create a product that will be really in demand among users.
  • CI/CD facilitates monitoring and improving the development team’s performance. CI/CD disciplines engineers, requires to follow certain rules (Code Style), use best development practices (Test Driven Development, Unit Testing), update the common code branch on a daily basis, and strictly adhere to the processes. The customer can easily make sure of the engineers’ performance and the correct allocation of labor costs: he or she can always see the results achieved by the team and individual specialists during a certain period of time. Also, automation of a large number of actions that were performed manually results in team’s performance improvement and reduction of probability of errors in the product due to human factor elimination.
  • CI/CD is the first step towards technical debt prevention. Over time, regular work on the technical debt becomes more and more necessary and a very time-consuming task requiring significant investments. Eliminating the technical debt during each iteration should be the standard practice for the entire team, otherwise, it will lead to a situation where it is impossible to develop the product and increase sales. The sooner CI/CD is implemented, the smaller will be the technical debt, and therefore the cost of its elimination.
  • Due to the implementation of CI/CD, every project participant feels involvement and responsibility for the successful release. Implementation of CI/CD means establishing a certain culture in the team, in which software development and operational activities are performed in a coordinated and inseparable way. With this approach, the responsibility and interest of a specialist doesn’t end at performing his or her scope of tasks (testing, coding, etc.). By participating in the CI/CD process, each team member understands the current stage of the developed functionality and strives to achieve a common goal — to ensure a prompt delivery of software to users.

We implement CI/CD iteratively and painlessly, effectively overcoming learned helplessness and possible resistance of teams. We implement the full Continuous Integration cycle with Jenkins/Hudson (and any other CI/CD tools) and automate project building with Maven. If necessary, we use Docker and other container technologies for deployment automation.

We have expertise in the following areas of work related to CI/CD implementation:

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