Development of educational online platform module

Educational online platform for entrepreneurs is a platform providing necessary knowledge that covers all the essential topics of entrepreneurial cycle from the start till the liquidation of a company.

The platform enables:

  • To attend a variety of online-training courses on business.
  • To study detailed instructions on starting a business in different branches, to consult samples of agreements, internal documents and reports.
  • To be up to date with the nearest business lectures and forums on entrepreneurship.
  • To view interesting and motivating video and articles.

The application consists of the back-end and the client-side. The client-side is Single Page Application based on React JS. The user interface is based on Ant Design – UI framework for React JS and LESS.
Our team’s mission was to develop the course attendance module. This module allows the user to search and to view educational content on the platform’s website. Implemented control panel has abilities to create, edit and delete courses, tutorials and materials.


Web & JavaScript: React, Redux, WebPack 3, Babel, ESLint, HTML5, CSS, LESS, Ant Design, Axios, AJAX, Lodash, DraftJS, Slugify, Yarn.
Instruments: GIT, GitLab, YouTrack, Jira, Swagger, JetBrains WebStorm.
React plugins: react, react-addons-shallow-compare, react-color, react-cookie, react-cursor-position, react-dom, react-draft-wysiwyg, react-dropzone, react-loader-advanced, react-redux, react-router, react-router-dom, react-router-redux, react-sortable-hoc, react-toolbox.

Project features:

  • Joint work was carried out with geographically distributed team.
  • This project consisted of several microservices which were integrated during the development. The microservices were created by different teams of developers.
  • The Continuous Integration process was implemented on the project. The staging servers were used for the client and the administrative parts.
  • The process of adding and changing the code in the repository was strictly regulated and carried out only after conducting the code-review by the customer.

Project results:

  • All tasks of the project development were successfully completed. The customer was supplied the front-end module, implemented in accordance with all incoming requirements.

Company’s achievements during the project:

  • By the end of the project our team was given full responsibility for control panel development for one of the microservices, although at the beginning of the project the panel was developed by several teams.

Client’s testimonial:

Victor Burov,  Head of the development department, “DBI” company, Russia, Rostov region.

Thanks to JazzTeam command for their productive work, structural approach to the implementation of tasks, high responsibility and discipline. We have only positive impressions about the work of JazzTeam command. If in the future we have interesting projects, we will definitely turn to this company!